HD Matte Bubble Free Screen Protector for Google Nexus 5 by LG

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HD Matte Bubble Free Screen Protector for Google Nexus 5 by LG

100% bubble free installation guaranteed



MSRP: $17.99

Protect Your Google Nexus 5 Smart Phone, with i-Blason Bubble Free Screen protector!

i-Blason Anti-Glare Screen Protectors provide the highest transparency while still delivering scratch resistant protection for your Google Nexus 5 Phone with amazing patent pending bubble free technology which enables you to apply the screen protectors in seconds!

Misalignment? No Worries. Just remove the bubble free screen protector, realign and reapply. You are good to go. Just as simple as that.

All i-Blason Screen protectors are made of the highest quality Japanese PET Film available with 100% Bubble-Free Silicon Adhesives.

Product Features

  • 100% bubble free installation guaranteed. Installation takes only seconds!
  • Installation is easy and only takes seconds
  • No sticky residue when removed. Wash, air dry, and reuse!
  • Marks and fingerprints wipe away easily
  • Precise cut for best fit and easy installation
  • Patent Pending and reusable/ Matte / Anti Glare / Anti Finger Print
  • 1 year warranty from i-Blason

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Customer Reviews


best ever

Posted By rat on 12/11/13

i have had alot (50) phones in the past 3 years, well maybe not that many, lol. i have always kept a screen cover on all my phones from day 1 to keep in good,no excellent condition in case i wanted to sell or even give away. i am a anal person who needs perfection and until i found i-Blason Anti-Glare Screen Protectors 100% bubble free,i was haunted by air bubbles that i could never seem to get rid of. then i found i-Blason Anti-Glare Screen Protectors, and my life was suddenly better without the frustration. i currently have 5 phones i switch out like a woman and her purses, i keep all of them protected by i-Blason Anti-Glare Screen Protectors, and not only that i also have 2 still in the package not opened just in case something happens. listen to this, they take about 10 seconds to apply, NO BUBBLES ever!!!!!! if i get shaky and mis-align, no problem, take it of and re-apply, again NO BUBBLES no problems, they never leave a sticky mess and oh yeah, get this, if i get ANYTHING on them, i simply wash it in warm water, wipe screen with paper towel and BAM, lol good as the 1st day taken out of wrapper, very worth the CHEAP price you pay.. BUY THEM, YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY..to close i want to also say they come in many colors so you can customize your device.....later.......