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iPhone 5/5S Battery Cases

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Search Results: 9 Products
Search Results: 9 Products


All three of our iPhone battery cases use a very simple and intuitive design to give you maximum battery life when you’re on the go or have trouble finding a power charging station.  In addition to functioning as a battery charging mechanism/supplemental battery, our cases also are built with protection in mind, and therefore can be doubled as protective cases as well.  Our iPhone 5 extended battery case includes a headphone jack extender, which allows you to use thicker jacked headphones than the standard 3.5mm jack, as well as when the jack is at a 90 degree angle.  The cases include a side kickstand, allowing the phone to be placed horizontally for easy movie watching or website browsing.  Finally, you still have access to all controls including camera, volume and the power button.

If you’re constantly having to recharge your iPhone 5, maybe it’s time to invest in an iPhone 5 battery case that will allow you to double your iPhone 5 battery life.