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  1. Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case for iPhone 5C

    Prime Dual Layer Holster

    iPhone 5C


    A innovative built-in stand provides ultimate flexibility and convenience, the new iphone 5C prime case allows you to watch videos and movies with enviable comfort. Learn More
  2. Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Protective Case for iPhone 5C

    Armorbox Dual Layer Tough

    iPhone 5C


    MSRP: $29.99

    Built-in Screen Protector, Impact Resistant Bumpers Learn More
  3. Slim Fit Transformer Holster Case with Kickstand for iPhone 5C

    Slim Fit Transformer Holster Case with Kickstand for iPhone 5C

    iPhone 5C


    slim hard shell holster case, kick stand, multiple colors Learn More
  4. PowerGlider Rechargeable External Battery Case for iPhone 5C - Lightning

    PowerGlider Battery Cases - Lightning Connector

    iPhone 5C


    MSRP: $69.95

    Innovative Two Piece Slider Design for easy installation and full body protection of your iPhone 5C Learn More
  5. Slim Fit Hard Case w/ Matt finish for iPhone 5C - Gileno Series

    Slim Fit Hard Case w/ Matt finish for iPhone 5C - Gileno Series

    iPhone 5C


    Feather Lite, Slim Fit, Multiple Colors for the iPhone 5C Learn More

Holsters and Cases

We offer several different kinds of products that will allow you to take your iPhone 5c with you at all times, even in more demanding situations like sports or hiking. They’re all targeted at different needs, whether its protection, style, functionality, or any combination of the three. You certainly won’t be disappointed with what you have to choose from!

Our Prime Series Dual Layer holster case, for instance, maximizes the amount of protection for your iPhone by having an inner-layer of silicone, giving it shock protection and allowing the phone to work in even the roughest of conditions. As a bonus, it also includes a swiveling belt clip, just in case you’re worried about keeping it in your pocket.

On the other end of the spectrum there’s the Slim Fit Transformer holster case, which will also protect your phone but in a slimmer form factor. It doesn’t include as much shock absorption, but will still go a very long way in keeping your new iPhone 5c safe, saving you a lot of money. Like the Prime series, it includes a belt clip in case you want to keep it out of your pockets.

We also have a few other products such as bubble-free screen protectors, ensuring that your beautiful retina display will never get scratched or damaged.


All of our holsters and cases come in a variety of colors, allowing your personality to be expressed and known without sacrificing on the safety of your phone. You’ll certainly appreciate the combination of stylish design with safe, comfortable protection.


Even more important than looks is the quality of our products. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that our iPhone 5c holsters and cases will feel as high quality as the Apple device they enclose. We know how important build quality is for iPhone cases, so you’ll find that each one of our cases will fit perfectly and complement its looks quite well with their sleek and no-nonsense design.