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PowerGlider External Battery Case for  iPod Touch 5 Gen - Lightening

PowerGlider External Battery Case for iPod Touch 5 Gen - Lightning

Rechargeable External Battery Case for iPod Touch 5 Gen.


MSRP: $74.95

Double your power and play time with iPod Touch 5 Gen battery case!

Product Features

  • Headphone jack extender included. It allows you to insert thicker-jacked headphones or headphones where the jack is at a 90 degree angle.
  • LED power indicator for battery power level, on-off power to control when to use the extra power
  • Provide full protection to your iPhone as a protection case with top and side bumpers
  • Opening for both Speakers and Headphone Jack (Fits Original iPod Touch 5 Gen Earbuds or Smaller Plugs Only)
  • Built-in Kick Stand Feature for easy video watching or facetime
  • Access to all controls, cameras, microphones and headphone jack
  • An extended audio jack is included
  • Lightning cable not included
  • Capacity: 2200mAh = 1 full charge providing 1.2 times iPod Touch 5 Gen internal battery, Input: 5V/800mA, Output: 5V/500mA

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Customer Reviews


This is a Awesome

Posted By Emma on 6/29/15

This is a great deal great because all the others 297$ and know wants to pay that if you can just get for 69.95



Posted By Ben on 3/24/15

This is a terrible product. I had one and it stopped holding charge, so I had a warranty and got a new one free, had it for about 3 weeks and now this one won't hold charge.

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