Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases and Holsters

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  1. Slim Fit Transformer Holster Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Slim Fit Transformer Holster

    Samsung Galaxy S4


    Shell holster and protective back cover case with kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S4 SIV Learn More
  2. Hybrid Dual Layer Tough Case for Samsung S4

    Hybrid Dual Layer Tough

    Samsung Galaxy S4


    Rugged Case which gives good protection against knocks and scraps for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Light weight with attractive colors to choose from. Easy to fit, very cost effective and trendy design. Learn More
  3. Bubble free Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Bubble Free Screen Protectors

    Samsung Galaxy S4


    MSRP: $17.99

    Bubble free Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S4 Learn More


There are numerous benefits associated with using Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories on your new phone:

  • Protection against damage – The primary benefit is that your phone will have greater protection if it is dropped on the ground or if it falls off a ledge.  Our proprietary impact-resistant foam inside the case is made to reduce the impact of such a fall, thus lessening the chance of major damage inside your phone.
  • Adds style and flare – Our cases are stylish and they come in a variety of different colors.  Adding any of our Samsung Galaxy S4 cases onto your phone will make it more stylish and give it a certain type of flare that will set it apart from other phones.

IF you have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4, or are planning on purchasing one in the future, it’s important to purchase a protective case for your phone to protect it from possible drops and falls that it may experience.