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Slim Fit SoftGel Flexible TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Slim Fit SoftGel Flexible TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

TPU silicone rubber, Smooth Touch. Durable, Scratch + Tear Resistant material.

Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Fits like a glove. Nice design and sleek look. It provides good protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5 without being too bulky. Its form fitting design allows you to continue using the S5 without restrictions. This "minimalist" design is perfect.

Product Features

  • i-Blason Logo Bearing SoftGel Flexible TPU Case
  • Designed Specifically for Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Phone
  • Front raised edges recess your screen to protect it when placed face down
  • Anti-slip properties gives your Samsung Galaxy S5 more grip on surfaces
  • Easy to slip on your device, yet stays on securely
  • Access to all controls, buttons and camera holes

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Customer Reviews


great deal

Posted By amanda on 2/10/15

This product seems like it would protect just as well, but does not have the additional bulk of the oversized corners, which I find nice for getting in and out of my pocket without it clinging. The TPU is relatively hard, so as to not make it a pain for the pocket use, but still protects well. I am a male and always keep my S5 in either my sportcoat or dresspant pockets and it's a real pain to have it grip everything - this case eliminates that issue and still keeps the natural S5 stylish look.

As for the fit, it fits quite tight. Tight is good, though - If it has room to wiggle around, more dust, water, etc. can get in and really dirty up (and scratch) the phone. I'd say the fit is perfect for what I'm looking for. The cut outs and buttons still work excellently and the phone isn't at all limited by this case. I'm also one to carry spare batteries and swap them out. Removing this case to install the battery is far easier than my multi-piece Otterbox and Ballistic cases.


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