Smart Cover Compatible TPU Back Cover for iPad Air

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Smart Cover Compatible TPU Back Cover for iPad Air

Shock resistant TPU back cover protects iPad from drop and bumps

It's Lite as a feather and has tons of grip! Fits like a snug.

Product Features

  • i-Blason (TM) Logo Bearing Flexible TPU Case for Apple iPad Air (2013 Release)
  • Apple iPad Air Smart Cover Compatible (Smart Cover Not Included)
  • Scratch resistant construction, engineered for easy grip of your iPad 5
  • Durable, thin, flexible, light, tear resistant material
  • Semi Transparent Material to Show Off Your iPad Logo
  • One Year Limited Warranty by i-Blason

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Customer Reviews


Great but not quite perfect.

Posted By t1hcsq on 1/11/14

This case would be perfect if the left hand side didn't have a cutout for the Smart Cover. It's awkward for those of us who have no desire to use a Smart Cover. Having a lip on the left hand side (just like on the right hand side) would be much better. The lip is nice because it gives you something to hold on to. It would make better sense for i-Blason to offer two versions, one with the cutout and one without. Of course I understand there is an expense in manufacturing two different designs so it may not be cost effective for i-Blason to do so. None the less I would order the one without the cutout if they were to make it.

I love the TPU material. All of my iPhone cases have always been TPU also. It is the perfect combination between soft, and thus somewhat shock absorbing (unlike hard shells), yet not weird and sticky like silicon can be.

It should be noted that the side with the cutout is floppy and will more readily allow dust and debris to get under the case. This would be remedied if the Smart Cover cutout were not there. Due to this, I can only give the case 3 stars for quality.


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