Premium Minimal Bubble 8H Scratch Free Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Motorola X

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Premium Minimal Bubble 8H Scratch Free Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Motorola X

Easy to apply, Good clarity through screens


i-Blason ultra thin premium tempered glass screen protector provides the highest transparency while still delivering scratch resistant protection for your New Motorola X Water Resistant Phone with amazing 8H anti-scratch tempered glass technology that you can't even leave a mark on it with a knife. i-Blason Glass-uT screen protector is also dust and water resistant with extremely thin (0.24 mm) profile. This screen protector also enables you to apply in seconds with ease and almost no bubbles. Last but not the least, you can peel this protector off wash it and re-apply as brand new!

Misalignment? No Worries. Just remove the Glass-uT screen protector, realign and reapply. You are good to go. Just as simple as that.

All i-Blason Screen protectors are made of the highest quality military grade tempered glass which is extremely scratch resistant (8H).

Every i-Blason Screen Protector is backed by the i-BLASON ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!

COMPATIBILITY: Motorola X Smart Phone

The i-Blason Screen Protector Kit Includes:

- One i-Blason Glass-uT 0.23 mm Protector

- Installation Instructions

- Microfiber Polishing Cloth

- Bubble Removal Tape

- Retail Packaging

Product Features

  • Almost bubble free installation. Installation takes only seconds!
  • Installation is easy and only takes seconds
  • Military grade 8H scratch resistant tempered glass screen protector
  • Marks and fingerprints wipe away easily with very sensitive touch
  • Ultra thin profile = Amazing 0.24 mm
  • Precise cut for best fit and easy installation
  • 1 year warranty from i-Blason

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Customer Reviews


Great Idea -- Seriously Flawed Execution

Posted By RevLauren on 12/12/13

I received one of these as a gift for my Moto X. Sadly, the design is flawed and the glass covers the proximity sensor on the phone. This means the phone cannot detect properly, making it nearly impossible to even hang up a phone call without rebooting the phone. It's sad to see such an excellent concept with such a significant failure. iBlason makes good quality products -- just not this one. People who ordered through Amazon have reported the same issue, one even spoke with the company and was assured the problem had been solved. The replacement had the same problem! I will buy one of these when they actually DO solve the problem. It does not seem as they are taking very seriously...yet.