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iPhone 5

You wanted the latest and greatest, the iPhone 5 delivered that. It was a complete redesign from the iPhone 4 with a new framework of features and fixed the shortcomings of the previous generations. With a longer screen and a faster A6 processor, the it's lean and feather-light. Choose one of the best iPhone cases  for your phone to enhance the design and protect it from drops.

With newer generations available at lower prices, it is no wonder why people still want to keep it around. Available in bright colors, this model is begging for a clear phone case.

We want you to be able to keep all the great things about your iPhone 5 without compromising. Available we have a Leather Holster Pouch case, Prime Duel Layer Holster, SoftGel TPU, bumpers and many accessories.

Leather Holster Pouch

This product is designed to hold your phone if it is in a larger case or has a battery pack. Thus allowing you to become more on the go with ease of access to your phone. If you do not have a case or battery pack, there will be some extra room in the pouch but have no fear your phone will not fall out. This is a wonderful addition to anyone that wants a holster but likes the look and feel of leather. This way your phone is always within arm’s reach.

Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case

Having two layers means double the protection. An inside case made of silicone gives your case shock protection. While the outer hard layer reinforces and creates a snug fit, allowing for the ultimate flexibility and defense. What is different about this case is there is a kick stand allowing you to watch your phone hands free! Having such a sturdy case and kick stand gives a whole new meaning to kid friendly.

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