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iPhone 7 Plus Armorbox Dual Layer Protective Case

iPhone 7 Plus Armorbox Dual Layer Protective Case

Full body protection, built in screen protector, shock absorbing bumpers


You choose the Armorbox for your iPhone 7+ & 8+ because you want premium protection in a lightweight, slim, and handsome design. The Armorbox is best for those who want to protect their investment without having to purchase a heavy, hundred dollar case. When compared to the competition, we believe there's only one smart choice - the Armorbox.

Product Features

  • Armored case (two layers); Screen Protector Built-In
  • Polycarbonate hard-shell with flexible TPU protection
  • Expertly machine-cut so as to not obstruct important ports, buttons, and camera
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 7+ & 8+


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