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ArmorBox 2 Layer Tough Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7 2013

ArmorBox 2 Layer Tough Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7 2013

Super protective design = hard shell + silicone flexible cover

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Need strong protection for your All New Kindle Fire HDX 7 2013 Release. Yet, don't want a case weighs over 100 LBs? We got a case for you - the Armorbox Stand Case by i-Blason. Actually, this case is so cute yet still very protective and functional.It features a combination of strong PC hard shell and silicone cover made from hazard-free material. The light-weight silicone material provides tons of cushion around your tablet and delivers enhanced grip and handling. Furthermore, the case can be converted easily into a stand for you or your kids to watch video or surf the internet.

Product Features

  • Designed Specifically for All New Kindle Fire HDX 7 2013 Release
  • Built in screen protector prevent your Kindle screen from dust, scratch or being shattered
  • Light weight=Much Lighter than Otterbox Defender Cases
  • Simplified installation, protects from scratches and is easy to clean
  • Easy to convert Kick Stand Design=Extremely Convenient and Excellent for Video and Chatting
  • Click Here for Details of Difference of various versions of Kindle Fire HD/HDX Tablets
Kindle Fire HD 7 - 2013 Edition
I ordered this after trying 2 other cases from different manufacturers and this is by far the best....its is for the new 2013 kindle fire hd fits perfect...has a built in screen protector with a rubber cover that goes over the whole kindle....perfect for my 4 year old son....would recommend!
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Very Good Product
The product is great! I highly recommend this product if you have kids and/or the kindle is for the kids. I bought my son a kindle for Christmas and he just loves it! He is at the age where he is not going to take care of it like an adult so I chose this case because it was specifically made for kids and the built in screen saver is awesome! There is pretty much no way that he is going to damage this Kindle unless he either throws it in the pool or drops it off a three story building! One piece of advice I can give since there is no installation instructions that I could find here is: First I would recommend putting on medical gloves if you have them to prevent smudges and lint from sticking to the two screens during install, and wiping the Kindle screen with eyeglass cleaning cloth to get smudges and lint off. Make sure both surfaces are clean BEFORE you snap that puppy on, because once you do its not going to want to come back off!!!! I had to pop my back off twice due to smudges and lint trying to get it clean and let me tell you it was a real pain to get it back off! So keep that in mind BEFORE you snap it together!
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