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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Choice between a traditional paper book or a phone

    We all like to read at some stage either because of feeling bored or feeling need to be fed with some information.

    We used to love to buy books and carry them in the backpack or handbag whenever we feel need some time to think, relax or just simply want to divert concentration or release pressure.

    What has changed? A Phone, A Pad, A touch, can lead us read literally anything you want or find with a click.

    We use our computers for  8 hours work, and still use it the same way when we travel. It is like a handyman at your beck and call; sometimes actually you want to throw it away because it gives you such a headache with those digital words on the screen.

    Feels unreal! To know, that you can download almost anything to your device is incredible as, in 1968, we imagined that Captain Kirk was talking to his crew with his communicator. Look how small and similar the mobile phones to that.

    Maybe listening is a better/lazy way to get away.

    How pathetic that we are to rely on a phone for everything in our life, I believe if I lost my iPhone tomorrow, I will be in such a big trouble ever.

    I am wondering how long or how many people will continue to use the paper book.




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