What's the Difference Between Cosmo, Cosmo Lite, Cosmo Snap, and Cosmo Card?

When looking for a case that is stylish and protective in one great design, the Cosmo Collection is a favorite for obvious reasons and has evolved to include an entire lineup of options to fit any need. While this is great for the sake of versatility, it may seem confusing to someone looking to purchase their first Cosmo case. So, what's the difference between Cosmo Classic, Cosmo Lite, Cosmo Snap, and Cosmo Wallet?

Cosmo Classic

The original Cosmo has plenty to offer for use of style. Available in a range of stylish colors with the signature marble touch, this case offers a lot of style without compromising on durability or protection. For starters, it has features such as a scratch-resistant, fade-proof surface, a built-in screen protector for added peace of mind, and precise cutouts to allow total access to all ports and functions. It also has raised bezels to protect the screen and camera lens from damage.

Cosmo Lite

The Cosmo Lite has all of the same features as the original Cosmo, but in a smaller, more compact size. It has features such as premium materials with color that won't fade or scratch, TPU bumper to absorb impacts, and precise cutouts for easy port access. It also has the raised bezel to protect your phone from surface damages. It snaps on for easy installation and a case you are sure to love showing off. The biggest difference between the Cosmo Lite and the Cosmo Classic is that the Classic has a built-in screen protector while the Cosmo Lite does not.

Cosmo Snap

The Cosmo Snap offers the same slim, pretty design as the Cosmo Lite, but it has a unique added benefit. The Snap features a 360 degree rotating ring on the back. This ring makes it easier to carry or hold the phone while also doubling as a built-in kickstand for easy viewing. This case offers the same durable protection as the other Cosmo options with TPU bumpers, scratch proof surfaces, and raised bezels, but with the added function of the ring. Just like the Cosmo Lite, it does not feature a built-in screen protector.

Cosmo Wallet

What could be better than a reliable and stylish phone case that also doubles as a wallet? The Cosmo Wallet offers all the things you love about the Cosmo, such as TPU bumpers, fade proof color, scratch resistant backing, and raised bezels, but adds the ability to carry a few credit cards right there in your phone case. This one also does not have a screen protector, much like the Cosmo Lite.