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Campaign brief by i-Blason

With the success of this secret summer hit, the Cosmo Collection is quickly expanding to more of our everyday devices, from phones and tablets to smartwatches and MacBooks and more. Support for this campaign will span social media posts from macro/micro/nano-influencers and branded accounts, ads across social, Amazon, YouTube, and the web, co-branded giveaways, and beyond.


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Promote availability of Cosmo for every device (iPhone, iPad & more) to make everyday beautiful


3-6 Months > July-Dec 2019

Are You A Cosmo Gurl?

Cosmo Gurl is a career ‘grammer, hair and makeup guru, and media socialite. She loves to share her favorite moments with the world, from good food to random adventures and fun with friends, not to mention rare finds and throwbacks. Her latest discovery is the Cosmo collection by i-Blason—and she is on a mission to get it for every last one of her devices.



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IG: @iblasonofficial