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  • protective design

    Protection Tablets have become an important player in early child education. They give a huge help to administrators, teachers and students gain knowledge of the world around us with the touch of a finger.

    With i-Blason protective solutions, you can ensure your mobile devices are fully protective anytime anywhere. Our high quality, rugged protective solutions enable our customers in the educational setting to gain access instantly. These protective cases enable our kids to carry, use the Tablets without worrying about breaking them.

  • a variety of colors

    Fun Colors - Do not let the kids feel bored about the BLACK color only! Kids always pick their favorite color dress, shirt, shirt and pants to wear.  Let the kids show their self-expression - their own personality, feelings, or ideas, as through our cases of art. 

    Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, White....i-Blason give you all the choices. Pick your favorite color and have fun.

  • innovative functions

    Functions - Bear in mind of the needs of our inspiring teachers and educators, we know that besides a protective case, you want and need something more! i-Blason Kids Friendly Cases provide multiple viewing positions for multiple angels. The kick-out stand is easy to use. Kids can easily pull out and let the Tablets sit/stand however they want or need. 

    Light Weight  - Our cases are designed to enable small children to carry them on campus and in between classrooms. They are extremely light weight and offer full protection.

      • armorbox kido cases for kids


        This is the most kids friendly cases we make.  The case is extremely lightweight with full protection on all four corners. The case also features a unique carrying handle on the side that allows your child to easy and securely carry their device without fear of dropping the prized possession. Coming in a variety of different colors this gives your children the freedom to express their style and allows them to easily spot their device in a group setting.  


        Available for: iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air, Kindle Fire tablets, Galaxy Tab's and so much more.

      • armorbox dual layer with kickstand


        This dual Layer Tough case is one of our best cases designed for Kids and classroom usage. It features a combination of strong PC hard shell and silicone cover made from hazard-free materials. The light-weight silicone material provides tons of cushion around your tablet and delivers enhanced grip and handling. Furthermore, the case can be converted easily into a stand.


        Available for: iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air, Kindle Fire tablets, Galaxy Tab's and so much more.

      • armorbox kido cases


        This case is designed specifically for children, the case has full access to all features, buttons, and switches. All ports are covered with plugs to prevent a build-up of dust and lint. Made out of thick protective materials, the device will survive even the most drastic of falls and drops. The case is a convertible case as well with a stand on the back for easy landscape viewing. 


        Available for: iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air, Kindle Fire tablets, Galaxy Tab's and so much more.


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