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Fitbit Wristband Cases

Your Fitbit works hard to help you develop healthy habits, so why not return the favor and extend its life by keeping it safe in a protective cover? The Fitbit cases below are specifically designed with you and your lifestyle in mind.

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Search Results: 8 Products
Search Results: 8 Products

Is the Fitbit Water and Splash Proof?

So far only the Fitbit Flex 2 is waterproof, and only up to 50 meters (164 feet). Although the Ionic and Versa are water-resistant and the Ace can be worn in the shower, you do not want to risk ruining your device if it falls into a pool or becomes submerged. Fitbits should be fine with the occasional splash or sprinkle, but you obviously don’t want to overdo it.

How Can I Prevent the Screen from Getting Damaged?

If you want to eliminate the possibility of scratching or damaging your screen, there are a few things you can do. Utilizing Fitbit cases like the Unicorn Beetle Pro and Clayco Hera can prevent scratches and keep the display off surfaces by using raised bezels and a wraparound bumper. You could also insert a screen protector for added security.

Are the Cases and Bands Attached?

Yes, these Fitbit cases are attached to the bands to create what we refer to as “wristband cases”. It’s important to have a band that’s not only comfortable and matches your style but is also made of shockproof and scratch-proof materials. It should be easy to clean and stain-free from sweat, yet able to handle impact from rigorous activity.

Not all bands are equal, and few are created with the same blend of resilient and hardy ingredients as ours, so make sure to research the materials before buying on another site. You don’t want your band to snap in the middle of a match or lose your Fitbit somewhere along the trail.

Will the Band Prevent Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring?

This depends on the band. Luckily, our wristband cases are so precisely cut that they will never interfere with buttons, features, or functions such as sensors that measure blood flow and calories through your skin. In fact, the Fitbit Charge 2 can be charged while in the full UB Pro case.