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Galaxy S6 Active Unicorn Beetle Pro Full Body Rugged Holster Case with Screen Protector-Black/Black

Galaxy S6 Active Unicorn Beetle Pro Full Body Rugged Holster Case with Screen Protector-Black/Black

Dual layer protection, built in screen protector, belt clip holster

MSRP: $25.00

Unicorn Beetle PRO for Samsung Galaxy S6 Active features two layers of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate to cushion every drop. All phone ports are covered to block built up of dust and debris. Phone secures into the holster with locking mechanism. The screen is protected with a hassle free built-in screen protector.

Product Features

  • Durable and rugged holster case with 360 degree swiveling belt clip
  • Advanced dual layer protection with built in screen protector, shock absorbing core and impact resistant bumper
  • Premium soft TPU and PC materials with port covers to block all dust and debris
  • Precise cut and design allows full access to phone ports, functions and sensitivity
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (2015)
  • UPC : 658551822888
Poor implementation, but it photographs well.
While the case is generally functional, it really feels like a poor adaptation of the S6 case and it's evident that there was more care put into aesthetic queues than functional design, material selection, or manufacturing quality. Perhaps I let hopes and expectations set me up for let-down. The good: -The top of the bezel is sloped very well, allowing easy pull-down of the notifications pane. -With minimal exception*, the fit is very good with no shifting, and snug all around. -The rigidity of the back shell lends confidence that you're not going to break your phone in your pocket by bending it. -The flaps that cover ports press into the hard shell of the face, meaning they should stay closed, even after their hinge starts to soften/wear in. -The buttons are stiffer and smaller, yet still accessible, meaning fewer accidental presses. The rest: -The holster all but completely blocks the volume down button, and bottom middle ear of it actually has a depression to make allowance for this; if you have headphones without a built-in volume control, expect to take it out of the holster to turn the volume down. -The molding of the edges of the lower ears of the holster, and most of the clip, are somewhat sharp, the latter having some flash on it that needed filed off. -The *built-in screen protector is a poor fit, actually buckling out just above the hardware buttons, allowing dust and lint to easily collect beneath, and providing a very spongy, resistive touchscreen feel when entering text with the phone in portrait orientation. -There is an extra hole to the left of the camera with no apparent purpose, though I've seen this from many manufacturers for this phone. -The "Premium soft TPU and PC materials" are very dry and rigid feeling, providing very little slip resistance despite the texture. -Due to the rigidity of the "Premium soft TPU and PC materials", the port covers put a LOT of lateral pressure on the plugs, leaving me concerned about potential for damage to plugs and ports alike. -While I'd been hopeful that the holster was designed to optionally handle the phone being mounted into it screen-out, upon receiving it I found that they expressly warn you not to do this because it will damage the holster. All in all, I wouldn't say it's the worst case I've encountered, but I would certainly toss it back on the shelf right along with the usual assortment of $10-$15 cases. Not worth the $25 sale price, let alone the original $30 or shipping.
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