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Galaxy S6 Unicorn Beetle Pro Full Body Rugged Holster Case with Screen Protector-Blue/Black

Galaxy S6 Unicorn Beetle Pro Full Body Rugged Holster Case with Screen Protector-Blue/Black

Dual layer protection, built in screen protector, belt clip holster

MSRP: $25.00

Unicorn Beetle PRO for Samsung Galaxy S6 seriously protects and enhances your device. Two layers of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate cushion every drop. All phone ports are covered to block pesky dust and debris. Place your phone into the holster face down and attach to your belt. The screen is protected with a hassle free built-in screen protector. Trust Unicorn Beetle Pro to protect your S6.

Product Features

  • Durable and rugged holster case with 360 degree swiveling belt clip
  • Advanced dual layer protection with built in screen protector, shock absorbing core and impact resistant bumper
  • Premium soft TPU and PC materials with port covers to block all dust and debris
  • Precise cut and design allows full access to phone ports, functions and sensitivity
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)
  • UPC : 658551820839
Less bulk, More Protection, a Third the Cost of Competition
No longer interested in the lack of protection $80 was not providing approximately every 3 months, we wanted to find an affordable, colourful, less bulky case and with a belt clip that wouldn't keep snapping off the belt. Supcase was the first brand I tried for my husband's new Galaxy s6 after being committed to a costly competitor for about eight years prior to switching. I bought this case because it appeared to have the sturdiest belt clip, which was a feature most important to him. It arrived very soon after placing the order and snapped into place without any trouble. The belt clip is beautifully difficult to get off the belt and there is no concern whatsoever that the phone will snap out of the holster either. The design is simple, yet most effective. Even after several times removing the phone from the case (having it almost a year now and working in a machine shop which uses sand and water to cut steel, you can expect a few cleanings will be necessary even if the case were a heat shrunk rubber bag) the rubber bumper has not lost it's shape or torn and the port plugs still fit as securely as the day it was bought, unlike competing products. The material is very durable. When my Galaxy Note arrived, I immediately placed an order for my Supcase and was THRILLED to also find an identical case for my iPad Air! My toddler uses the iPad mostly and has dropped it a number of times, even thrown it twice in a fit of rage when something didn't go her way! It's fine. I wasn't. But seeing it undamaged, I am now! I wouldn't recommend you throw it down to test it, but feel confident that in a Supcase, your device is safe in your kid's hands. She uses it mostly in the car on long trips and the built in screen protector has made car snacks and games a safe and enjoyable combination! I can wet wipe it down when we arrive at our destination and even that doesn't cause concern because the case can handle a little bit of wet and splash. If I was to report anything imperfect about this case, it would only be that after several months, the built in screen protector started to let go of the case. It did have my help as I likely applied too much pressure while wiping it down. When cleaning the outside, leave the device in place to support the pressure you apply to the screen protector. Then obviously lay it on a flat surface for support while cleaning the inside. While together, the screen protector stays in place. So it's only noticeable when I take the case apart. I have ordered a stick on screen protector and have no doubt I can apply it and put the case back on without a hint of difference. I'd love to see the screen protector bonded to the frame differently so it doesn't come free as easily and sealed in a way that moisture doesn't get in. My husband STILL has the original screen protector on his device and it is scratched, and gouged and discoloured (remember where he works now) ...but outside of the case, his screen reflects none of the abuse the device has endured. I am a huge advocate for Supcase now. My opinion isn't just based on one lucky device, we have abused three very different devices in Supcases and are pleased we haven't had to replace cracked screens, cases or entire devices since! It's quite the record for this family. I tell others about these cases when conversation comes up about needing a case or how frustrated they are with their current one. It's been accidentally tested for durability many times and has passed with flying colours! And its just $25! Supcase! The Microsoft Surface needs you. Just, sayin' :)
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