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Galaxy S8 Unicorn Beetle Shield Screen Protector with UB Pro Case

Galaxy S8 Unicorn Beetle Shield Screen Protector with UB Pro Case

Tempered glass screen protector, UB Pro case, Holster


Give your Samsung Galaxy S8 the ultimate full body protection with the UB Shield by SUPCASE. Complete with a premium quality tempered glass screen protector, the rugged defense of the Unicorn Beetle Pro and the convenience of a rotatable holster, this multidimensional system will put all your smartphone worries at ease.

Product Features

  • Tempered glass is highly scratch and damage-resistant
  • Includes UB Pro phone case
  • Holster with rotatable belt clip
  • Full access and functionality to touchscreen sensitivity and ports
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017)

Note: The purchase of this item includes a UB Pro case and FitGlass screen protector. Purchasing an additional screen protector is not necessary.

 Installation instructions:

1. Taking the UB Pro case, detach the holster and peel the rubberized back piece away from the hard Polycarbonate faceplate.

2. Place the hard shell faceplate over the front of your smartphone.

3. Insert the phone and face plate into the rubberized back cover, ensuring a snug fit on all sides.

4. Place the glass screen protector over the face of your S8.

5. Attach the holster to the front of your phone.


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