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Google Pixel XL Armorbox Dual Layer Protective Case

Google Pixel XL Armorbox Dual Layer Protective Case

Shockproof protection, built in screen protector, impact resistant bumpers


You want toughness but you're tired of paying crazy prices and having a case that looks plain and weighs a ton - say hello to The Armorbox. This case is laser-cut to fit your phone snugly, without taking away access to ports and buttons. This heavy-duty and lightweight case is made for people like you - the tough ones, the smart ones, the ones who aren't afraid to get your hands dirty. The Holster Feature and Built-In Screen Protector make this the ultimate protective case for your Google Pixel XL.

Product Features

  • Dual-layered, Armored, and comes with a built-in Screen Protector
  • Polycarbonate hard shell with flexible TPU inner layer that protects from dings, drops, and scratches
  • Comes with Holster featuring a 360-degree swivel
  • Compatible with Google Pixel XL (2016)
Good Case -
Screen Protector a little lame. Bubbles up from case edge and makes it harder to use the screen. Slow deliberate motion required. Removed this piece of plastic and everything is good.
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A beautiful case
I was looking for a case that provided a built-in screen protector and found this one. My partner has a life proof case but I don't intend taking this into the water, accidently or otherwise. The case fits my Pixel XL perfectly and the ribbed design makes it nice and grippy to hold. I probably won't use the holster but it's a great addition if I do leave the house wearing pants without pockets. Highly recommended.
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