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i-Blason SmartWatch Social Contest


Smart Watches, and Why You Want One

Arguably the biggest reason why smart watches are trending and why we want the trend to continue forward is Health. Smart watches have been praised for their

ability to raise awarness in the day to day health through heart rate monitors that measure both daily life activity and rigorous exercise, as well as training guides,

nutrition, and even sleep monitoring. With our latest contest we are giving you the opportunity to experience the luxury and benefits of owning a smartwatch and

 providing premium cases from a host of brands in exchange for product reviews on social media.

Featured SmartWatches

  • Apple Watch 3 38MM - Lightweight and Advanced Technology, an Extension of your iPhone
  • Apple Watch 3 42MM - Stunning Display and Advanced Technology, an Extension of your iPhone
  • Fitbit Blaze - Sports Oriented, Slim, and Feature Packed Fitness Tracker
  • Fitbit Ionic- Lightweight, Waterproof, and Sports Oriented Fitness Tracker

Smart Watch selection will be based on compatability with 4 Apple Watch winners and 1 Fitbit winner. Smart Watches will be given to the exclusive winners in 

Metro Atlanta area and will be provided a variety of cases with which to post reviews for on social media as they put their new Smart Watches and bands to the test

in all environments. Contest winners will be eligible to keep both the Smart Watch and the cases if they meet all requirements through the duration of the program.

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