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i-blason Blue ArmorBox Kido Convertible Stand Case for iPad Air

ArmorBox Kido Light Weight Convertible Stand Case for iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini with Retina Display

Impact Resistant, Light Weight, Bright Colors Kids love, Easy to carry and clean


The ArmorBox Kido Series Lightweight Convertible Stand Case for the iPad Mini utilizes impact resistant PCB construction, along with lightweight building materials and a choice of many different colors which give your child’s iPad flash and character when they are using it. The case uses impact resistant materials on the edge, and double impact resistant materials on the corners to absorb impact from drops and other unnatural impacts that would normally hurt the inner workings of the device. The case also features a unique carrying handle on the side that allows your child to easy and securely carry their iPad without fear of dropping the prized device.

Product Features

Armorbox Kido Series Super Sturdy Light Weight Protection Case for Kids

  • Constructed from impact-resistant poly-carbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. Corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.
  • Super Light Weight and durable Hazard Free Safe Material
  • Raised bevel edges protect screen from impact
  • Bright colored case change into a handle for easy carrying from school to home
  • Precise cut outs allow full access to features and ports
  • One year warranty from i-Blason
  • Compatible with iPad Mini 2012
  • Compatible with iPad Mini with Retina Display 2013
  • Compatibe with iPad Mini 3 2014
Great tablet case
We bought this case, for an Ipad to be used a communication device with an app, per school's speech therapist recommendation as it is what they use with the schools's Ipads due to durability, ease of use (children can carry them on one hand and flip base so it can stand on table) and affordability. It arrive on time and we are using it since then! It is light weight, has the proper insert so it matches perfectly power connector, speaker, etc. Highly recommended!
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This case is the best purchase I have ever made!! I bought it when my daughter got her ipad mini 2 for christmas as a 4 year old!! She has dropped the iPad many of times and this case allows it to bounce.. I'm positive without this case her ipad would have already been shattered! I'm currently about to purchase a second case do to our first one looking rough and ugly from so much use.. she uses her ipad for educational games and is on it a couple hours a day.. so it's time for a new case.. and she wants a different color lol
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Great with some drawbacks...
I purchased this for my 7 yr olds ipad mini 3. The case appears to be very sturdy and I also really love the handle as it gives him something more to hold on to when carrying it. These were my main reasons for purchasing it so for those reasons I'm satisfied. There are a couple drawbacks to it that I wish I would have been aware of before purchasing. I'm not sure if it would have been enough to deter me from buying but it's possible... The case is pretty hard to get on, however, I would rather have it snug than worry about it falling off. The charging port has a cover over it that can be cumbersome to get open and plug in but my 7 yr old does it without much trouble. The handle is VERY nice for carrying! When ordering, I thought it would be a nice feature being able to use the handle as a stand. Unfortunately it's not sturdy enough to be used as a prob and sits very upright when used as such. My son just props it up himself and it doesn't seem to bother him. The two things that kind of bug me... The power button on the top of the ipad is completely covered and very hard to find/push. My son seems to have figured it out and with practice, I found it. I still struggle once in a while to find the button to turn it off. You do need to apply a fair amount of pressure to push through the foam. Would have been nice if an opening was cut so it was easier to access. The other item that bummed me out was the foam over the home button. With the newer ipads/ipad minis they have the finger print technology so we can keep it password protected but still be able to unlock it with our finger print. For this reason, I cut out the little foam piece that was covering his home button. If those two items aren't deal breakers for you then you'll be happy with this case. It does it's job protecting it and the carrying handle is great!
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