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iPhone X Battery Case

iPhone X Battery Case

Rechargeable battery, Drop-resistant, Slim design

Say goodbye to the days of critical low battery and closing all your battery-draining apps. i-Blason's rechargeable battery case for the iPhone X keeps you and your phone active for the long haul. A 3,200 mAh polymer battery brings more than a full charge to back your device up. Add in a slim, sleek profile and impact-resistance and your iPhone X has a new best friend.

Product Features

  • LED indicates when charging and fully charged
  • More than a full charge to backup your iPhone X's device battery
  • Super slim design easily slips in and out of pockets and purses
  • Drop-resistant frame blocks damage from everyday falls
  • Compatible with iPhone X (2017)
Outstanding functionality, protection, and batter life
iBlason iPhone X battery case performs exceptionally in almost all situations. It has enough battery to keep the phone going for a couple of days in most cases. It has very good impact protection and it is simple to use. The only difficulty I've experienced were rare times when I wanted to take the phone out of the case. The case is so tight that I was unable to take it out. The case adds weight and bulk to the iPhone, which is a good thing for me--it makes it easier to hold and handle the phone.
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Battery case
I think this case is great for its price . I have to agree with the other person that made a comment on the case being a little cheep on quality but has held up very well .
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