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Apple is known for reinventing the wheel as its technology makes it to the mainstream. After 2017’s hit redesign with the iPhone X, Apple continues the trend in the next generation of iPhones with 3 totally new smartphones in 2018. With two OLED models sporting lightweight steel frames and edge-to-edge screens, as well as a 3rd LCD model supported by an aluminum frame, you’ll need to protect your new iPhone with a case you can trust.

i-Blason has been providing drop-proof iPhone cases for generations, and as each generation improves so do our military-grade cases with more technology and style at an always-affordable price. From minimalist designs to clear cases, i-Blason carries a wide selection to cater to every need and preference.

Planning to move to the 5.8" iPhone Xs? Our iPhone X cases are fully compatible and will fit perfectly! Our hot new Cosmo glitter case will also be available for all iPhone X models.

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Apple iPhone 2018 Cases Spotlight

  • The Ares for iPhone Xs


    The Ares for the iPhone Xs/Xs Max is your ideal protective-yet-sleek phone case. Keep your smartphone safe without compromising style with this 2-piece snap-on cover that includes a clear back and TPU wraparound bumper for total drop protection.

  • the Cosmo for iphone 2018


    Just because you want a cute glitter case, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on protecting your phone. Cosmo is wall-to-wall, military-grade drop protection disguised as a classy glitter or marble case that won’t lose its luster from everyday wear and tear.

  • The UBPRO

    The UB Pro

    Winner of CNET's drop test at CES 2018, the Unicorn Beetle Pro harnesses Herculean strength in defending your iPhone Xs/Xs Max from impact. Not only that, but this smartphone cover also includes a detachable rotating belt holster! Famous for surviving drops from rollercoasters and multi-story buildings, this case relies on a multilayer design featuring premium TPU and polycarbonate materials to deliver award-winning drop protection.

  • The UBStyle

    The UB Style

    The Unicorn Beetle Style combines the best of both worlds in terms of minimalist, clear cases and reliable scratch and drop protection. Packed with impact-resistant TPU around the bumper, the UB Style also lends itself to screen and camera protection thanks its to subtly raised edges. This one-piece case easily snaps on for quick installation and offers an invisible barrier for the back portion of your iPhone Xs/Xs Max.