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LG V30

LG's V30 smartphone continues down the path of previous V-series devices, carrying souped-up multimedia capabilities and a dynamic, sturdy screen to boot. Powerful phones necessitate equally powerful protection, which is where our lineup of protective, stylish cases come in.

The LG V30 was tailored and trimmed to fit right in with the Instagram-obsessed tween, the tech-inclined computer wizard, and the audiophile alike. The dual camera shifts seamlessly between hi-res and wide angle modes, so you can snap a shot of your little beta fish or that sprawling mountain range. The gorgeous 6-inch, 1440 x 2880 pixel OLED screen remains as potent as ever, eliminating glare while employing a light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness to conserve battery life. Advanced microphones, super-charged mobile recording software, and an impressive audio DAC put this phone over the top.

Frankly, the LG V30 is a creative's dream.

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