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LG V30 Magma Dual Layer Full-Body Case

LG V30 Magma Dual Layer Full-Body Case

Screen protector, Dual-layered defense, Detachable holster

The tip-top of device security. The Magma case was built with the idea that there's nowhere your phone shouldn't be able to go. This case features shock-absorbing bumpers, a responsive screen protector and two layers of structural defense to keep your LG V30 secure no matter the circumstance.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive device protection
  • Durable and responsive screen protector is built into front cover
  • Full range of phone functionality is maintained at all times
  • Compatible with LG V30 (2017)
LG V30 Case Review
Very good case not bulky and the touch fuctions for the screen work perfectly. Would definiltely buy again. Only thing no instructions in box on how to register purchase or about the warrenty.
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