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Laptop Cases

When it comes to laptops, it’s hard to beat Apple’s MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Lightning quick processors, 12 hours of battery life, unparalleled graphics, and breathtaking displays all join forces beneath a sleek and stylish physique. Such a powerful machine doesn’t come cheap, which means a protective case should definitely be used to protect your investment.

Our ThinShell case, for example, comes with a hard, impact-resistant bumper and inner lining that absorbs shock from drops and falls. This two-piece case covers the front and back of the MacBook and even features an optional scratch guard to cover the top of your laptop.

A clear, lightweight case like the Halo offers solid protection against scratches, scuffs, and everyday wear and tear. The transparent design allows you to customize the color without covering up that envious Apple logo.

Both covers allow you to express your own unique style and preference while extending the life of your laptop. The only question is—which one suits you best? Navigate through the sorting options to find out which case is right for you, or refer to the chart below to determine your device's dimensions.

Search Results: 11 Products
Search Results: 11 Products

What MacBook do I have?

This is a question we hear all the time, mainly because Apple is not exactly consistent with naming their devices. Since MacBooks come in different sizes, it’s important to know exactly which one you have in order to find a case that fits. Follow these steps to find your specific part number, which you can then cross-reference via the information below.

1. On your main menu, click the Apple () menu

2. Choose "About This Mac" and take note of which year your laptop was made

3. Click "System Report"

4. Highlight and copy the Model Identifier (e.g. MacBookPro11,3)

5. Go here:

6. Find the correct Model Identifier and year

7. Note the part number (ex: MGXC2xx/A)

8. Now use that part number to identify which case will fit your MacBook (see below)

 MacBook Air 13-inch (2015)

Model numbers: MJVE2xx/A ; MJVG2xx/A

Cases we offer for this MacBook: ThinShell


MacBook Pro 13-inch (2015)

Model numbers: MF839xx/A ; MF840xx/A ; MF841xx/A ; MF843xx/A

Cases we offer for this MacBook: ThinShell


MacBook Pro 13-inch (2016)

Model numbers: MLH12xx/A ; MLVP2xx/A ; MNQF2xx/A ; MNQG2xx/A ; MPDK2xx/A ; MPDL2xx/A ; MLL42xx/A; MLUQ2xx/A

Cases we offer for this MacBook:  HaloArmorbox 


MacBook Pro 15-inch (2016)

 Model numbers: MLH32xx/A ; MLH42xx/A ; MLH52xx/A ; MLW72xx/A ; MLW82xx/A; MLW92xx/A

Cases we offer for this MacBook: HaloArmorbox 

Do MacBook cases cause overheating?

MacBook cases should not cause overheating if they’re well ventilated. Cases with slats at the bottom help prevent overheating by encouraging air circulation. This ensures both your lap and your machine stay nice and cool.

Which MacBook case is best?

Which MacBook case is “best” depends on your style and preference. Either way, the best cases should serve two purposes: expressing your personality, and protecting your device.

• Clear cases provide transparent protection against scratches and scuffs without hiding that beautiful Apple logo

• Laptop sleeves give you both protection and functionality; convenient carrying handles and pockets make it easy to carry around and store accessories

• Hard shell cases offer hardy protection from just about everything—including drops and falls

No matter what kind of case, level of protection, or color you require, you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for something you need. That’s why our cases are not just reliable but affordable. Our fans agree that we carry the most dependable MacBook cases you can find.