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Moto X Pure Covers

Looking for a case that complements your new Moto X Pure while providing premium protection? Look no further than the selection of Moto X Pure covers offered by i-Blason. Every case in this collection is made to match the innovative style of the long-awaited Moto X Pure Edition. This sleek and sophisticated smartphone has won users over with its universal carrier compatibility, large LCD screen, ergonomic design, and so much more. When you rely on all the important data that's stored on your phone, it is important to protect it with a case that can withstand play, work, and everything in between. We offer nothing but the best dual-layer protection to safeguard your phone from accidents.

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Bumps, drops, and falls do happen, but you can feel much better about the outcome when your smartphone is shielded by a rugged case. The Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the most popular Moto X Pure cases we carry because it features two thick layers of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate as well as port covers to keep out dust and debris. Each UB Pro full-body case comes with a 360-degree rotatable belt clip holster that swivels in any direction, so you can listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts without skipping a beat. The UB Clear case is the perfect solution if you don't want to sacrifice the look and feel of your phone.

Impact resistance and shock absorption are key to protecting your favorite device when you live an active lifestyle, but water resistance can come in handy for those that find themselves out on the open water whenever the opportunity arises. Our water-resistant Moto X Pure covers are ideal for fishing, kayaking, sailing, and so much more. We also carry athletic armbands that are as convenient as they are comfortable to wear while you run. Many of the Moto X Pure cases we provide are also compatible with the Moto X Style. If you need any help selecting a Moto X Pure case, feel free to contact us for further assistance from a knowledgeable representative.