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Nexus Cases

Since Google and LG teamed up to co-develop a collection of flagship devices, the Nexus line has secured its spot at the top of the smartphone stratification. Making the small investment in an excellent case is a crucial step in responsible Nexus ownership, which is precisely where we can help. At i-Blason, we offer a vast selection of Nexus cases that can help you keep your investment safe and sound. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or you are prone to accidents, we have you covered in our assortment of Nexus phone covers. Shop from our selection of Nexus phone cases today to find the ultimate solution for an affordable price. Plus, enjoy free shipping in the US when you place your order!

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Let’s face it. With its advanced, dual-layered design, nothing can compare to the award-winning Unicorn Beetle Pro. The UB Pro case is armed and ready for anything thanks to shock-absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and impact-resistant polycarbonate materials. These form-fitting, full-body cases provide the highest level of protection without compromising sensitivity or convenience. Plus, all Nexus phone cases here come with precise cutouts to allow uninterrupted access to phone ports. Our ArmorBox and Prime phone cases are just as resilient as the UB Pro and can help you maintain that flawless polycarbonate body from accidental bumps, drops, and falls. If you are in the market for an ultra-sleek yet durable case, look no further than the ultra-slim Unity case with an enlarged camera cutout.

There’s no shame in wanting to show off the bold and beautiful phone within your case. With the UB Clear Nexus phone case, you can do just that thanks to its transparent backing and smooth finish. Looking for a case that can keep up with the daily grind and look good doing it? Our selection of Nexus cases includes leather folio wallets for a more professional look. We also offer fully adjustable sport cases for active Android users. Nexus smartphones may be precision-built from strong materials, but it would be foolhardy to think that your device is indestructible. Find everything you need to protect your investment by exploring our selection of Nexus phone covers for the Nexus 5, 5X, 6, and 6P today.

Google Nexus 6P

Google upped their premium-smartphone game when it introduced the Nexus 6P. Not only are you guaranteed to have the newest software running Android, but your phone has a unique body (aluminum!) and computing guts. There’s a reason why Google has become the tech giant they are today – and it’s not by taking shortcuts.

Google Nexus 5X

As Google introduced the Nexus 5X to consumers everywhere, they focused on one of the device’s capabilities above all others: a compact and lightweight phone. This simple feature is not enough for most phone users, but that’s not the only trick up this device’s sleeve. The Nexus 5X sports a powerful camera that captures more light with its unique technology and features the newest and best in Android’s well-regarded software.

Nexus 6P Cases & Nexus 5X Covers

i-Blason started with one goal in mind – function over flash. While our cases certainly come in various handsome styles, we take most of our pride in providing uniquely suited covers for the person on the go.

Not everyone’s needs are identical and that’s why we offer unique cases like the Unicorn Beetle Pro for the Nexus 6P that works best for those of us who are looking to protect our investment without paying a thought to our clumsiness.

In the end, the options in front of you are varied enough to find what you need. All you need to do is look!

Are you ready to get started? Shop the best, shop i-Blason.