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Ninja X Style TPU Softgel for Google Nexus 7

Ninja X Style TPU Softgel for Google Nexus 7

Daring X designed case cover for Google Nexus 7. It is quite cool.


No need to enlist Sho Kosugi or 3 Ninjas to protect your Google Nexus 7 from the world! The Ninja Soft Gel case will do just fine;

Coming with a removable e inner compartment and apertures which allow access to all functions. The non-slip material will help to prevent accidental bumps, bangs and prangs.

So, come and have a look at the case for thee.


Product Features

  • TPU softgel case with X shape design
  • Form fit feature protects back and sides from scratches, dirt and bumps/li>
  • Anti-slip grip and soft comfortable feeling
  • Precise cut-outs allow accesses to all controls, cameras and buttons