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Nintendo Switch SlimFit Frost-Clear Protective Case

Nintendo Switch SlimFit Frost-Clear Protective Case

Skid-proof, Scratch protection, Built-in screen protector

Unlike most bulky protective cases, the SlimFit frost-clear case by Mumba effortlessly combines sleekness and device defense into one stylish case. Not only does this case fit effortlessly in your grasp, it also boasts silicone detailing to ensure that it resists skids and scratches. You no longer need to worry about the tradeoff between comfortability and protection- with this case you can have the best of both worlds!

Product Features

  • Frost-clear polycarbonate with soft TPU detailing to absorb shock
  • Precise cutouts allow for access to all device features
  • Minimalistic design to keep the case slim, portable, and easy to grasp
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch (2017)