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One Plus 6

Lightning fast speeds, a large display, and high-res cameras make the OnePlus 6 an easy choice for those looking for a mainstream phone at a fraction of mainstream prices. While the OnePlus 6 is water-resistant enough to survive a drop in the sink or getting caught in a rainstorm, it still pays to protect your screen and phone with a drop-proof case.

The top OnePlus 6 cases will defend it against everyday drops and falls while enhancing features like the camera and fingerprint sensor. These covers should also include a touch-sensitive screen protector to avoid scratching or cracking the OnePlus 6’s large display. Elevated edges are equally necessary to keep the screen and cameras off damaging surfaces, while a TPU-lined bumper will absorb shock from the ground.

Whether you’re looking for a clear case to show off the OnePlus 6’s minimalist design, or a rugged case for heavy duty users, you’ll find what you need below. Feel free to use the dropdown menus to sort by color or style.

What Is the Difference Between the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 6?

Although the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 6 share the same battery capacity, 6GB of RAM, and base storage of 64 GB, there are some notable differences. Namely, the screen in the OnePlus 6 is almost an inch bigger, and the fingerprint sensor has moved from the front to the back which is all the more reason to find a case that provides seamless access to sensors and includes a built-in screen protector, like our Unicorn Beetle Pro.

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Is OnePlus 6 Waterproof?

According to OnePlus, the 6 is “splash-resistant” which means it can handle a few droplets here and there but by no means is it waterproof. To feel more secure with your phone around water, use a case with built-in port covers like the award-winning UB Pro to keep out moisture as well as dust and debris.

Does OnePlus 6 Come with A Screen Protector?

The OnePlus 6 comes equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the screen, however, the phone does not come with a dedicated screen protector. Using a case with a built-in screen protector will help prevent cracks and damage, while a raised bezel will help avoid scratches.