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Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL

Capture the cosmos with the Pixel 4 and 4XL, Google’s newest line of signature smartphones. Known for capturing rich detail and color, even in the dark, Google’s 2019 launch has already made waves within tech and photographer scenes throughout the world. Enhance all your favorite photos using adjustable, separate exposure settings, no matter the app they were taken from! Enjoy the flexibility with the Pixel 4’s improved Portrait and Super Resolution Zoom features, allowing breathtaking backgrounds to fade as needed, or high-quality shots to be taken from far-off distances. Likewise, keeping your favorites in focus has never been easier, thanks to the Frequent Faces technology that learns the people you capture the most, all while preserving their smiling photos, rather than those accidental blinks.

With all these incredible features, it’s no wonder that Google Pixel owners are so concerned about keeping their Pixel 4 and 4XLs in peak condition. That’s why i-Blason is proud to offer a wide selection of slim, clear, and full-body case options to protect that investment. No matter your style or preference, browse below to find the perfect option to fit your needs.

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