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Galaxy J7 Cases

Protection meets value when the Samsung’s affordable Galaxy J7 is introduced to the rugged Unicorn Beetle Pro case.

Sold exclusively at Boost Mobile stores, the J7 is Samsung’s answer to the cost-effective smartphone. The device harnesses the newest Android smartphone software and processor, on top of a slew of utility features like Outdoors Mode, Ultra Power Saving Mode, and a custom theme selector. Paired with a killer 5.5” HD screen, the Galaxy J7 is in need of a protective insurance policy, and i-Blason has the long-lasting, durable cases to fill that hole. All of our cases are tested for impact at all angles and won’t impede your device’s functionality in any way, thanks to each case being cut and designed from the ground up for your specific tablet or smartphone.

Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy J7’s most important attribute is its economical pricing. Coming in at $229, the J7 is as good as it gets for a phablet in its category. The HD display holds its own against devices costing $500 more. A replaceable battery and expandable storage allows for customization, and it sports the sleek look of Samsung’s Galaxy series of devices. All that value demands a shielding case that safeguards against any accidents, slips and falls. Enter the Unicorn Beetle Pro case for the Galaxy J7, sporting a built-in screen protector, port covers, a detachable rotating belt clip holster, and a dual-layer shock and scratch resistant coverage system.

Simply put, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is the bodyguard your J7 needs. You’ll be hard pressed to find better value from a case-device combo, we’re sure of that.

Search Results: 4 Products
Search Results: 4 Products