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Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has been nothing if not impactful, and the Note 8 looks to be no different. If the Galaxy S series is the standard luxury car of the smartphone world, the Note series is turbo-charged, no doubt about it. The Note 8 packs boosted battery life, an even larger 6.3 inch infinity 4K display, a market-leading dual sensor camera build, the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor and the staple S-Pen Stylus. The no-corner-cutting design and technical specs built into your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 demands protection equal in scope and foresight. So, we're running the gamut of case options, protection levels, style, and function. Click the Read More to skim some quick information on the cases we offer for the Note 8!

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has been nothing if not impactful, and the newly released Note8 looks to be no different. If the Galaxy S series is the standard of luxury in the smartphone world, the Note series undoubtedly sets the standard for turbo-charged performance. This highly anticipated phone boasts a large 4K display, dual-sensor camera build, as well as the staple S-Pen stylus you love and can’t live without. But in the blink of an eye, all those features and your most important data can be lost to an accidental bump, drop, or fall. Luckily, i-Blason provides a wide selection of Galaxy Note8 cases to choose from, so you can maintain your smartphone’s sleek appearance until it’s finally time to upgrade. Shop from our selection of Galaxy Note8 covers today to find the perfect solution for your newest device.

With such a slim and powerful design, it’s no surprise why the Galaxy Note8 has stolen the hearts of so many Samsung enthusiasts. Our selection of Samsung Galaxy Note8 includes a wealth of colors and styles to suit your needs. The Unicorn Beetle Pro smartphone case is widely regarded as one of the most rugged cases money can buy after winning CNET’s drop test at the Consumer Electronics Show. The UB Pro features a dual-layered design that is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) materials to ensure optimal impact resistance from every angle. The UB Clear comes with texturized grips, shock-absorbing bumpers, a slim design, and a transparent back plate to showcase the sleek profile of your favorite device.

If function takes a backseat to fashion in your eyes, you will be happy to know that even our most stylish Galaxy Note8 cases are packed with protective features and benefits. All Ares, Argos, Halo, Hera, and Magma Samsung Galaxy Note8 cases are designed to protect without cramping your phone’s style. Plus, every smartphone case we offer is covered by a limited warranty of one year from the delivery date. We also offer free shipping on US orders. If you have any questions about our selection of Galaxy Note8 covers, please feel free to contact us today for further assistance.

The New Armorbox
A tough, steady case built to deflect scratches and drops with ease. The New Armorbox, with its frost-clear body and accented, fortified bumpers, is a step up from the former nontransparent and slightly outdated design of the past. This case even comes with a detachable holster and interchangeable inserts to match your style.

Slim, see-through, scratch-resistant. That's what you can expect from this low-profile, no-frills bumper case.

The Ares clear case provides full device security in the form of a two-piece locking body, built-in screen protector, and scratch-resistant materials. This is the ideal minimalist aesthetic, maximum protection case.

UB Clear
A handy textured grip, transparent back plate, slim design, and drop-resistant frame make the UB Clear the ideal pairing for those seeking a sleek, sturdy case for their Galaxy Note 8.

UB Style
The UB Style's clean, slim look doesn't distract from the phone's original design, while the shock-absorbing TPU bumpers do the heavy lifting during drops and falls.

UB Pro
The toughest case of the bunch. The UB Pro can brush off a hit with the best of them. The two-plate interlocking design and augmented bumpers keep your smartphone safer than ever. Our line of cases and accessories are here to protect your investment while not cramping your, or your phone's style. Pick up a case today and let our products show you what they can do!