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ZTE Cases

Your ZTE phone may be less expensive than competitors, but it’s no small potatoes when it comes to features. Between full HD displays, front and back hi-res cameras, Android OS, and fingerprint sensors, ZTE phones offer a solid build that’s easy on the eyes yet just as vulnerable as premium phones. So how do you protect your display and cameras without obstructing the fingerprint scanner?

By securing your ZTE in a phone case that not only looks good but offers top-to-bottom protection, you can still access all those glorious features without risking any damage. The best ones are made of shockproof materials like TPU and polycarbonate, with port covers and a built-in screen protector that won’t interfere with touch sensitivity. Below you’ll find military-grade cases that—in addition to protecting your phone, screen, and ports—are precisely cut for cameras and plugs and come with a free clip-on holster for heavy duty users.

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Who makes ZTE phones?

ZTE (which stands for Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment) is a Chinese corporation that manufactures many devices, including tablets and smartphones. In fact, ZTE is the 4th largest mobile phone brand in the world. The company keeps costs low to remain competitive, while offering similar features and technology to major brands—the same philosophy that drives our phone case designs.

Does ZTE make good phones or do I need a case?

ZTE offers many quality devices in its lineup that are quite affordable. And while comparable to major brands spec-for-spec, ZTE phones are just as susceptible to drops and cracks as well as daily wear and tear. To extend the life of your ZTE, you need a case and cover that can absorb shock, resist scratches, and keep ports clear of dust and dirt.

What is the best case for the ZTE ZMax Pro?

The best case for any ZTE phone is one that gives you seamless access to all features, buttons, and functions without sacrificing protection or style. Cutouts must be very precise so as not to interfere with plugs and sensors, screen protectors should be scratch-resistant without affecting touch sensitivity, and materials should be firm yet flexible to absorb shock and resist impact.

No matter what kind of protection your ZTE requires, you should never compromise on safety features or value. That’s why our award-winning cases and covers offer the highest drop test standards for the lowest price. Like your ZTE, your phone case should be affordable and provide as much protection as expensive brands, if not more. Precise cutouts, unbeatable prices, and stylish protection are just some of the reasons why our fans believe we have the best cases for the ZTE Blade Spark, Blade Z Max and ZMax Pro, Blade X Max, and the ZTE Max XL.