How To Choose the Right Samsung Galaxy Tablet Case

A recent study found that only 45% of Americans have a tablet; of that 45%, only 20% protect it with a case. Tablets are often seen as a secondary laptop or mobile gaming device, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t experience wear and tear. To prolong the life of your device, purchase a case. 

Now, you may be wondering how to choose the best Samsung Galaxy tablet case.

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Don’t worry; we’ve investigated the top features you’ll want in a case and what to avoid. That way, you can find the right case today. 

Are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at a Galaxy tablet case: 

Features To Look For In a Tablet Case

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Before purchasing, look at its notable features. Every good case will have these must-have features: 


A tablet case must be durable to prevent scratches, dents, and further breakage. A good case will have durable features to make it long-lasting. 

For example, tablet cases should have a rubber bumper around all edges, extra cushioning on the corners, and be made of shock absorption materials. 

The case should also be Miltary MIL-STD 810G certified. This rating classifies the case as military durable, meaning it’s field ready. The case is tested against 29 

situations and variables to achieve the rating.

The test examines the case in high and low temperatures and other environmental factors like sand and dirt. It also assesses the case’s ability to reduce shock, gunfire shock, and impact damage. That way, whether you drop your phone on its side, face down, or on its bottom, the case is strong enough to protect the tablet from any damage.   

To claim that a case is military-grade durable, a company must meet several requirements and send the case to an independent testing facility. But nothing is stopping a company from performing these tests themselves, meaning some cases are not truly military grade.  

To determine if a case is military certified, look up the case and see what drop tests have been performed on it. Every case that’s military certified will have a black and gold badge on the packaging. That way, you'll know if a case is durable enough to handle everyday situations.  

Built-In Screen Protector 

Screen protectors often cost $10 or more. Instead of spending that amount for a screen protector, you might have to replace, why not buy a case with a built-in screen protector? It will save you money and provide your tablet with 360-degree protection. 

Like any screen protector, it’s light enough for the tablet to read your fingerprint and your touch motions. It’s strong enough that you don’t have to worry about your screen breaking if it falls. 

Plus, since it attaches to the touchscreen and clicks into the back case, never worry about it falling off or peeling. The screen protector will stay in place no matter how much you travel or where you store it.  


Not all cases are waterproof; most won’t even protect your tablet from immersion in any water level. Thus, a waterproof tablet case is a must-have if you are often in or around water. Look for cases that say they’re waterproof or water-resistant. 

Waterproof cases often have a vacuum seal around the edges, or the case is designed with water-resistant technology. It’s important to look for these features, as some identify they are waterproof when they are not.

Pen Holder

A tablet case is nothing if you can’t store a pen with it. Get yourself a case with a slot for your pen; that way, you have it whenever you need to use your tablet. 

Some cases offer a fabric holder, which sounds great in theory but more often than it’s too loose, which allows the pen to fall out. Instead of a fabric pen holder, look for a case that offers a plastic pen holder.

Plastic pen holders are rare, but they are the best at keeping your pen safe and secure. That’s because they hold the pen at the back of the case through a plastic slot, ensuring that the pen and the touchscreen don’t touch. 

However, fabric holders make the pen sit in the crease of the case, which can make the pen and touchscreen scratch together. 

Kick Stand 

Most tablet cases have a kickstand of some sort. Now, some have a plastic kickstand which sounds like a good feature but is not.

Plastic kickstands can chip and break due to extensive usage. Plus, plastic kickstands only offer one type of standing position, making viewing your tablet difficult.

Instead, purchase a case with a fabric cover kickstand. The thick fabric won’t break or get torn over a long period Not to mention, the fabric kickstand offers different standing positions so that, you can view your tablet from different angles. 

Features To Avoid In a Tablet Case 

Every case has a list of desired features, but some are not as great as they seem. Let’s take a closer look at what features you’ll want to avoid in a tablet case: 

Cases That Easily Discolor 

samsung tablet Cases That Easily Discolor

Tablet cases are reported to have ten times the amount of germs on them than a public restroom. It’s no wonder tablet cases become discolored, but some cases become dirty faster than others. One example is clear cases. 

Clear silicone cases are susceptible to yellowing due to the sun’s ultraviolet light. Exposure to sunlight can cause oxidation which often results in the case turning yellow. If you don’t want your case to become discolored, purchase a case made of high-quality materials. 

PU leather is one of the best materials for anti-yellowing. Plus, if the case is colorful or has a pattern, it’s even more unlikely to discolor or fade. The color will disperse light, reducing oxidation and allowing the case to stay bright and colorful. 

Cases That Block Port Accessibility 

Some tablet cases have port covers that help eliminate dust and dirt from entering your charging port. While this feature is good in theory, it’s not as effective as it sounds. 

Oftentimes the flexible port cover breaks, leaving you with sharp edges around your case. Other times the port cover gets stuck in the port and becomes hard to remove. 

Don’t buy a case that blocks port accessibility. You’ll not only run the risk of damaging your tablet, but it can also make charging difficult. If you need to purchase a case with port protection, buy one with precise cutouts to reduce the chances of it getting stuck or breaking.

Cases Without Shock Absorption   

Durability is a must-have feature for any case. If a case doesn’t have a layer of material for shock absorption, chances are the case is not durable. Shock absorption ensures that when the tablet is dropped, no damage occurs. 

Without shock absorption, your tablet will be at a higher risk of shattering, chipping, and breaking. That’s why it’s imperative that you buy a case with some type of shock absorption, even if it’s just around the tablet’s edges. 

The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet Cases 

Now that you know what to look for and what to avoid, you can properly narrow down what you want in a tablet case. Thankfully, we’ve gathered a few favorites to help your search. 

Without further ado, here are some of our best tablet cases: 

Cosmo Classic 

The Cosmo classic costs about $35. It comes in three colors: marble pink, marble purple, and ocean blue. These cases consist of a sturdy back panel and a flexible top layer that magnetically attaches to the touch screen for ultimate security and protection. 

The top layer of the case even consists of a trifold standing design so you can view your tablet at any angle. It also comes with a plastic pen holder; that way, you can slip your pen in the back, and it never gets lost. The case even has a built-in screen protector which attaches to the back panel, meaning it won’t fall off, unlike some other screen protectors.  

Now, while this case isn’t waterproof, it certainly is durable. It has a military MIL-STD 810G certification and provides the best drop protection possible. The case has over a thousand reviews, with 77% of them rating the case at five stars.  

The only complaint was that case was a little heavier and bulkier than expected. The case is a bit heavy to ensure your tablet stays safe and secure no matter the circumstance. With all these features, it should be number one on your list.   

It’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 series. The case can be purchased in sizes 12.4 inches, 10.1 inches, and 8 inches.


If you need superior protection for your tablet, the armor box case has everything you need. It comes equipped with a full body design, which features raised edges, a layered back cover, and interior shock absorption protection. 

The case also has a built-in screen protector, raised camera protection, and increased touch sensitivity. Unlike the Cosmo series, this cover does not have a top layer to protect the touchscreen. Since the case has raised edges, it limits what comes in contact with your screen, so nothing scratches or chips it.  

The Armorbox case even has cutouts for ports. Now, these cutouts are the perfect size for your cords. That way, there’s no extra room for sand and dirt.

While the case isn’t waterproof, it’s certainly made to be durable. The full-body design contains premium TPU, a hard plastic material if you don’t know. The TPU makes the case strong, long-lasting, and scratch resistant. 

The case has over a thousand Amazon reviews, and 72% of them rated it five stars. Reviews state that it’s a great value, a must-have, and extremely durable. You can purchase it for $20 to $25. It’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab A series. Although sadly, it can only fit the 7.0-inch model.

This kid’s tablet case is perfect for your little one. It comes in four colors: green, purple, red, and black, and it costs just $25. The case is made of TPU, which makes it strong and durable. The case has large thick bumpers that help absorb shock and impact if it drops.  

It also has elevated edges to help protect the screen and lenses from damage. The case comes with a carrying handle so kids can safely carry it from one place to the next. The carrying handle also acts as a kickstand so your child can play or watch tv at any angle.    

Tablet Case FAQs 

When you’re buying a tablet case, chances are you are going to have some questions. Whether it be about prices or measurement, there’s always a question to be answered. So we’ve gathered some of the most common questions and answered them below: 

What Are Tablet Cases Made Of? 

While every case is different, most consist of TPU. TPU is one of the best materials since it makes the case durable and long-lasting. 

Another common material is silicone, but due to its oxidation ability, it will quickly discolor, making the case look yellow or dirty. Due to this trait, you’ll likely have to purchase another case within two to three months. Rather than spend your money on silicone, buy a case made of TPU first.  

As for luxury cases, most are made out of premium leather. Now, leather often traps in heat which can make your tablet heat up quickly. However, leather tablet cases provide excellent protection, not to mention they are sleek and stylish.  

What’s the Average Price for a Good Tablet Case?  

Most tablet cases cost around $25 to $35. Now, you can find tablet cases for cheaper online; some cost as little as $5, but don’t expect them to be of high quality. You tend to receive what you pay for with cheap cases. 

Oftentimes the material of cheaper phone cases will be flimsy, fade over time, and even chip with impact. Inexpensive cases are not worth your money. 

Five bucks is a good deal, but you’ll need to replace it in a month or so. In the end, you’ll spend more money than you’ll save. So if you want to purchase a decent tablet case, buy at least a $25 case to get the best deal. 

Tablet cases worth more than $20 have all your desired features, plus cute designs and patterns. Not only will you get more bang for your buck, but buying a more expensive case makes it guaranteed to last longer and be durable.   

What Are Tablet Jackets? 

Tablet jackets are similar to conventional ones since they cover the tablet to protect it. Now, tablet jackets are primarily used for on-the-go purposes. You can put the tablet in the jacket sleeve with or without an additional case, making it great for protecting your tablet while traveling. They are meant to fit loosely around the tablet to shield it from contact with items that could scratch the tablet’s touchscreen. 

Tablet jackets are often looked at as an additional accessory, meaning it’s not an accessory you generally need if you already have a case. However, some people find them to be stylish as well as add an extra layer of protection. Generally, they cost around $15 to $20. 

How Is a Tablet Cover Different from a Tablet Case?

As you research the best protection for your tablet, you’ll find several options, including covers and cases. Covers are also known as book covers since they only attach to the back of the tablet. Meaning, the tablet’s large touchscreen will go unprotected. 

Tablet covers are often bought by those that use their tablet as a secondary laptop. Thus, the screen doesn’t need to be protected because it’s in consent use. With the screen unprotected, there are few risks you take. For example, the screen could get scratched, chipped, or broken. 

However, with a tablet case, both the front and back are protected. The front features a flexible layer which often doubles as a kickstand. While the back provides a sturdy casing for the tablet to sit in.  

Cases offer the ultimate protection, so if you often travel with your tablet, you’ll want to purchase a casing. After all, the case ensures that the touchscreen won’t get scratched or chipped, so your tablet will always be secured. 

Do Cases Come With an Attached Keyboard? 

Generally, cases do not come with an attached keyboard. Some cases provide a pocket where you can store tablet accessories like a tablet pen or Bluetooth keyboard, but it will cost a pretty penny. 

If you want a tablet case for a reasonable price, you won’t find one with a pocket for the keyboard, let alone one that’s attached. It’s better to buy the keyboard separately if you want one rather than fork out the money to buy a case that features a keyboard. It’s not only less expensive that way, but you can buy any keyboard you want rather than being stuck with the one the case comes with.  

How Do You Measure a Tablet for a Case? 

Finding a tablet case is easy, but finding one that fits your tablet can be difficult. First, you’ll want to know the exact name of your tablet and then its approximate measurements. Most manufacturers make different sizes of the same tablet, so it’s important to know if you have the 8-inch or 12-inch. 

Then search for a case that fits both the tablet type and size. Depending on the year and its popularity, you might find a variety of cases or a select few. 

Try to stay away from cases that promise one size fits all. Each tablet is different, especially regarding camera orientation, sizing, and button sizes. No one case can fit every single tablet type and size. If you buy a case that fits many different manufacturers, you’ll most like end up with a disproportionate case.  

You’ll be better off purchasing a case specially made for your tablet. That way, the holes for the cameras fit perfectly, and the button ridges aren’t off by a few inches.  

Where Can You Buy a Tablet Case? 

You can buy a tablet case at any big box store like Target or Walmart. However, we suggest you buy your tablet case on our website, i-Blason. Our innovative products will help secure your electronics and protect them against weather and impact damage. 

For your convenience, we’ve also listed our products on Amazon. That way, our products are accessible and easy to find.  

Choose The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet Case Today  

Choose The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet Case Today

Choosing a case for your Samsung Galaxy tablet case can be difficult, but thankfully, with this guide, you can find the best case for you. First, look for desirable features like a high durability rating, a built-in screen protector, and a kickstand. 

Then narrow down the list by removing cases with bad features, like cases that easily discolor or block port accessibility. Two of the best tablet cases come from our web store. They are Cosmo classic and Armorbox. They have everything you could want, plus they come with a one-year warranty, how great is that!

Check out our Samsung Galaxy Tab collection today to purchase a case for your Samsung tablet.

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