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Smartphone Cases and Covers

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In this digital age, we have all the information and entertainment we could possibly need right in our pocket or purse. The modern smartphone has revolutionized the way we learn, listen, watch, and stay connected, but investing in a quality smartphone is just the first step. As tech giants such as Apple and Samsung continue to innovate and improve their flagship devices, there are so many reasons why adequate protection is crucial to responsible smartphone ownership. That’s where we can help! i-Blason is the top destination for Android users, iOS users, and everyone in between. We offer much more than just protective phone cases. We offer peace of mind as well as an affordable way of safeguarding your investment until it’s finally time to upgrade to a new and improved device.

Our selection of phone covers wouldn’t be complete without our best-seller the Ares, the stylish Cosmo, the robust Armorbox, or the legendary Halo, as well as cases from brands like Clayco, Mumba, and SUPCASE. With a cutting-edge, dual-layered design, our cases can set your worried mind at ease. We offer several distinct styles and a variety of colors to choose from. The award-winning Unicorn Beetle Pro phone cases are precision engineered with shock-absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and impact-resistant polyurethane (PC) materials to ensure total drop coverage. In fact, the UB Pro case won CNET’s drop test at the Consumer Electronics Show. The UB Clear, UB Neo, UB Stella, UB Storm, and UB Style cases are perfect for smartphone users that want a little bit of added style without skimping on formidable fortification.

Protecting your new device is one of the smartest decisions you can make right out of the gate. We make it affordable to shield your phone from accidental bumps, drops, and falls. In addition to stylish phone cases, we also offer tablet cases, laptop cases, smartwatch bands, charging cables, portable batteries, screen protectors, and so much more. We proudly offer free shipping on US orders and all phone cases are protected under a limited warranty of up to one year from the date of delivery. Most of all, we are committed to providing the best products and service to our customers. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about our selection of phone covers.