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Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch allows you to keep gaming on the go, and that’s precisely why you need to protect it with i-Blason. Some Nintendo Switch cases prioritize protection, others value style, and other options are more about maintaining gameplay capabilities.

Using a Nintendo Switch case that meets all three criteria would be ideal. That’s exactly what you’re getting from i-Blason.

Optimal Protection for Your Nintendo Switch Console

Handheld gaming is tons of fun, but it can also be risky sometimes. As the intensity of your Mario Kart race heats up, sweat may start pooling on your hands. With your hands all sweaty, one sudden move could cause the Switch to slip from your grasp.

After that, you may dread checking how your Switch is doing, fearing that it may now have an unsightly dent.

Protect against that possibility by getting an i-Blason case for your Nintendo Switch console. Our Switch cases exceed MIL Spec drop test standards. That means your Nintendo console enjoys protection from every angle.

The durable Nintendo Switch case cover is not just helpful in protecting against drops. If you like to keep your Switch in a travel bag with other items, the case will keep it safe. Don’t worry about accidental button presses or scratches developing as long as your Nintendo Switch remains inside its i-Blason.

Easily secure your console by snapping this Nintendo Switch case onto its front or back.

A Protective Case for Your Favorite Handheld

Whether you’re gaming with a friend or killing some time in public, you don’t want to pull out a Nintendo Switch with a flimsy case. Nintendo’s designers worked hard to develop a form factor that’s both practical and eye-catching. It would be best to showcase that as much as possible.

Give your Switch the case it deserves by protecting it with i-Blason.

The available cases from i-Blason come in a variety of styles. If you have a Nintendo Switch OLED with a plain shell, you can enhance its appearance with an Armorbox case. Choose from color options, including blue, red, or dark green, to liven up the appearance of your handheld console.

The Armorbox case for the Switch OLED features a striking appearance. They meld with the form factor of the Switch to create something more eye-catching.

Protective but Not Disruptive

When you put an i-Blason case on your Nintendo Switch OLED, you can expect it to be noticeable while you’re barely playing. This is a Nintendo Switch case for games, which prioritizes the quality of your gameplay experience.

The case cutouts are perfectly positioned so you can easily access all the buttons, triggers, ports, and sensors. If you’re worried about the Nintendo Switch OLED case affecting your console’s performance, you can put those worries to rest.

Sliding the Joy-Cons off your Switch without removing the case is possible if you’re using the UB PRO Dockable Grip Case and the UB Grip Case for the Switch Lite. If you have a Dockable SUPCASE, then yes, keeping it on is possible even if you’re playing in docked mode.

You're also getting five card slots to travel with your favorite games. Enjoy the one-year warranty that also comes with each purchase.

Get maximum protection for your Nintendo Switch OLED here at i-Blason.