5 Cool Samsung Galaxy S22 Features You Need to Know

With 232 billion dollars in revenue for 2021, Samsung is coming off of a record-high year, and their good fortunes are continuing. The Korean mobile phone giant is kicking off 2022 with the release of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S22.

Purchasers of what is being hailed as one of the best smartphones around right now can get different perks, depending on whether they opt for the S22, the S22+, or the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Regardless of what model you buy, you'll find that the Galaxy S22 features are what make the new phone worth your hard-earned cash!


1 - A Gorgeous Front And Back

Samsung has long been known for its beautiful displays, and the Galaxy S22 is no different. For reference, the standard S22 is 6.1 inches, the S22+ is 6.6, and the S22 Ultra comes in at a sizable 6.8 inches.

While all three models feature stunning levels of brightness with super-smooth scrolling, the S22+ and the Ultra provide the highest-level features. With the S22+ and Ultra, you can enjoy an AMOLED 2X panel that peaks at 1,750 nits of brightness; considerably higher than the 1,500 nits the Galaxy S21 Ultra offered. 

The standard S22 model clocks in at 1,300 nits. 

One advantage the S22 and S22+ may have over their Ultra counterpart is in aesthetics. The S22 and S22+ feature a beautiful matte back design that doesn't scuff as easily as the Ultra.

When it comes to colors, the S22 and S22+ come in black, white, green, and pink gold. The S22 Ultra omits the pink gold in favor of Burgundy.

If, however, you decide to get your phone directly from Samsung, you'll have more options: violet, sky blue, cream, and graphite for the S22 and S22+ and red, sky blue, and graphite for the Ultra. 

2 - The Galaxy S22 Features Samsung's Best Camera Yet

Samsung has always been at the top, or at least very near the top, of the phone camera game. The Galaxy S22 series features the very best that Samsung has to offer.

The S22 and S22+ feature a 10MP selfie camera; the Ultra tops the charts at a staggering 40MP. But, the S22 series' real achievement is in the rear camera.

Each model is equipped with at least three lenses: one ultra-wide, one wide-angle, and a telephoto lens. The Ultra is equipped with an additional telephoto lens.

All three ultra-wide lenses are at the same 12MP level, but the Ultra packs more wide-angle and zooming power.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, you may now use the cameras' features within Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

3 - Galaxy S22 Ultra Comes With The S Pen

With the release of the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra in 2020, 2022 arrived without a follow-up series. Galaxy users were instead treated to the S21 Ultra and Z Fold3, which featured optional styluses. These styluses, however, came separately and weren't embedded into the devices. 

That all changes with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which comes fully equipped with an S Pen that is kept neatly in its own slot. 

4 - Potential For Huge Amounts Of Storage

There's nothing more frustrating than a phone that's grown to be slow as molasses because it's run out of memory. Rest assured, that could be unlikely to happen with the S22 model you choose.

The minimum storage of any of the three models is 128GB. You can upgrade to 256GB on the standard S22 and S22+, but it's here that the Galaxy S22 Ultra shines.

From 256GB, the Ultra can be upgraded to 512GB of storage to an astounding 1TB. That's 1TB for all of your photos, videos, music, games, podcasts, and anything else you like to keep on your phone.

5 - Sturdy And Updated For Years To Come

One of the best things about the new Samsung Galaxy line is that the phones are durable, and they're guaranteed to get a number of future updates.

All three models come with a sturdy Armor Aluminum frame and continue to use scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. 

Launched in 2016, Gorilla Glass has gotten better and better over the years, and Samsung has come out with their best version of it yet to protect your new phone.

Additionally, all three models measure at IP68, which allegedly means they can withstand being submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes!  

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and its bigger siblings are also set to be receiving four major upgrades and up to five years of security updates. So, the S22 line is one that users can look forward to owning for years to come!

What About Accessories?

Of course, you'll be able to purchase accessories for any Samsung Galaxy S22 you choose! And just because the phones are sturdy doesn't mean you shouldn't further armor them with cases!

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Ready to Buy?

5 Cool Samsung Galaxy S22 Features You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy S22 features an incredible lineup of state-of-the-art technology in the palm of your hand. Whether you opt for the standard Galaxy S22, the S22+, or the S22 Ultra, you'll be buying what is undoubtedly the best phone on the market right now.

Featuring a gorgeous display, powerful camera, and high storage space, this is a phone series meant to be with you for years to come.

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