5 Signs That You’re Ready For A Phone Upgrade

There are different types of consumers in the tech world. While some ditch their phones for the latest release from their favorite brand, others take their time and don’t upgrade until absolutely necessary. According to the Technology Adoption Curve developed by Everett Rogers in 1962, the people who jump on the newest tech are called Innovators and Early Adopters. 68% of consumers are considered Early Majority and Late Majority. Those that adopt new tech last are called Laggards, making up 16% of the population. If you’re not at the beginning of this spectrum, you may question when you should upgrade your phone. Maybe it’s been a few years and its operating system just isn’t keeping up with the times. If you’re in a similar position, here are 5 ways to tell that it’s time to start looking for an upgrade.

Your Phone’s Software Is Out of Date

Even for older phones, manufacturers continue to release updates for a time. Apple, for instance, has supported older iPhones with new software. Android-powered phones see less frequent updates. There will come a time when updates are no longer provided, and your phone’s software becomes obsolete. While you may be used to it, outdated software is easier to hack and poses a security threat.

Older phones also run on old chips, which affect the phone’s speed, fluidity, and overall performance. Over time, your phone won’t be as functional as when you purchased it. You’ll notice it takes longer to open and close apps. Simple tasks could even cause your device freeze up entirely. If your phone's performance has hit a wall, it may be time to upgrade.

You Want a Better Camera

One of the best features of smartphones is its camera. However, with an outdated phone, you won’t get the clarity you see from others with newer models. If your photos and videos are grainy, appear unfocused, or simply look unsatisfactory, it’s time to upgrade to a new one with enhanced photo technology. You’ll get the high definition and studio-quality of professional cameras with newer iPhones, Galaxies, and other top phones. Love the portrait mode of new iPhones? Or the impressive advancements of the new S20 models? Ditch your old phone!

Your Battery Dies Fast and Often

Battery life is one of the first things to become a problem. The longer you own your smartphone, the less efficient the battery becomes. You’ve probably noticed that it could use a recharge midday, and certainly can’t last the entire day without dying. Some phones even shut off although they have some battery life left. This is because they’re simply not built to last forever. All batteries degrade at the same rate. With daily charging, your battery capacity will naturally dwindle. The newer the phone you choose, the better its battery will be.

You Have No Storage Space

Is the storage capability of your phone too small for your needs? With older smartphones, yours may not have room for the apps, photos, and videos you want on your phone. After cleaning up your phone’s files, you may find that you want a phone with a larger storage capacity. If you’re a social media fanatic or phone gamer, it can be tough to house all the apps you love on an older phone. Newer phones offer larger storage space so you can download more apps and keep a larger quantity of photos and videos on your phone.

You Want the Latest Features

Maybe a few friends or coworkers have newer phones and have shown you the cool new features. When you think about your current phone, does it even feel like a smartphone anymore? If you’re interested in Face ID, fingerprint unlock, huge storage space, studio-quality camera setups, and other qualities, you’re ready for an upgrade. Every phone has its time and place, but when yours has run its course, you’ll know.

If you related to one or more of these signs, then you know it’s finally time to get yourself a better phone. You’ll notice the difference in speed and technology right away no matter which phone you choose. If you plan to hang onto it for a while, be sure to install a high-quality case to keep it protected. You can find the right case for your specific phone here at i-Blason.

Sara Porch
Sara was previously the Brand Manager of i-Blason.


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