9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022

You cannot avoid the inevitable cracked screen or water damage if you neglect looking for a phone case to protect your phone. Just ask this 40-year-old male, who was asked in a survey how he broke his phone:

“Using it as a baseball,” said the father of six children. 

So in cases like that, what are the most stylish and trendy phone cases to arm yourself against the accidents that can damage your phone?

1. i-Blason Cosmo Case

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 iBlason Samsung S22 Cosmo

Great design and drop protection doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive when you have the i-Blason Cosmo case. You can definitely count on it to match this with any outfits you want to wear for brunch or a day trip. 


This case has a feminine design with marble pattern underneath a clear top coat lined with a gold geometric line pattern. It comes in 6 colors so you have plenty of options on what to style your outfit with.

  • Black
  • Clear
  • Marble Purple
  • Marble Pink
  • Red
  • Ocean Blue


This phone case is made with impact-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that protects from scratches, scrapes, bumps, or falls.

It is also 10 feet drop tested so you’ll have peace of mind with this on your phone. 


The raised bezels on this phone case and built-in screen protector will keep your screen and lens up off damaging surfaces especially when outdoors. You can also count on precise cutouts that allow easy access to all ports and functions.

It is also wireless charging compatible so you can just set your phone down your wireless charger after a long day and not worry about a dead battery the next day. 

Cost: $26.95

2. Moment Photo Case

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 Moment Phone Case

Image Credit: ShopMoment.com

If you’re looking to snap high-quality photos for your curated social media feeds, then this is an excellent choice for you. It’s designed for the newest camera lines of Pixel, iPhone, OnePlus, and Samsung Galaxy devices. This is due to an array of add-on smartphone lenses secured by a strap attachment that shields against unforeseen accidents.

But does its style and durability hold up to the amazing compliments that it dishes out to your camera?


It comes in three different styles but doesn’t have any feminine designs.

If you’re all about elegance and sophistication, then this is the case that will give you that aesthetic. What colors does it come with?

  • Black
  • Walnut Wood
  • Tan Leather

The walnut wood gives off a luxurious vibe with the center wood piece and the black casing that offers phenomenal grip and support. If there’s a ding against this style, it’s that the wood can develop a slightly textured feel to it after a few days of use.

If the wooden look is too formal for you, then you can roll with the sleek black casing that exudes a different style.

The tan leather option dishes out the best of both worlds with the smooth tan coloring of the wooden casing paired with the supreme grip and control of the black casing.


You not only have the option to control the style of the case, but also the material, as it comes in two different materials:

  • Leather
  • Polycarbonate

Which one you choose depends on the style that you’re going for. Leather definitely leans more towards style and more comfort when held, but you also want to protect your phone, right?

Well, polycarbonate would be the path to go down in that case if you want your Moment Photo Case phone to offer the maximum amount of protection. Polycarbonate gives you additional shock-resistant material that shields your new phone from disastrous drops.

In both cases, synthetic rubber shields the edges to give your screen that added protection against destructive gaffes.


While Moment comes with an amazing lineup of smartphone lenses that take your videos and photos to cinematic levels, they run you an extra $100. That’s a fair investment if you’re looking to take your photos to the next level.

Wireless charging comes packed into the case so that you can keep your camera running during long trips.

Cost: $50

3. Symmetry Series by Otterbox

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 Otterbox Symmetry Series

Image Credit: Otterbox

This entry by Otterbox is an amazingly symmetrical blend of comfort and protection without the bulky frame. 

But with the Symmetry Series, Otterbox has gone back to providing a case that fits comfortably in your hands without sacrificing your pocket space.


This packs the requisite style to keep your phone looking clean and fresh.

There are some clear cases on hand as well but they have been reported to have a slight yellowish tinge after a while making them lose their crystal-clear veneer. 


That may sound like a bummer but it gives some amazing value. It comes shielded with a polycarbonate case that is rimmed by high-quality synthetic rubber which is enough to lift the screen off any surface that the phone is resting on.

Test drops have revealed the phone to hold up against the elements with scratches on the case being rare.


There are no other add-ons with this phone aside from the Otter + Pop case – but that’s only for iPhone users. It enhances the reliable grips already enshrined within the casing with a swappable Pop Socket for easy gripping.

Cost: $50

4. Spigen Neo Hybrid

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 Spigen Neo Hybrid

Image Credit: Spigen

The texture is the first thing you will notice when you wrap your hands around this rugged phone case which is layered with iron-clad dual protection. 


It looks rugged, yes. But the beauty of the case is in how seamless the edges of the polycarbonate bumpers mesh in with the back panel. You can run your fingers along the edges, and won’t feel the unsightly bumps that plague most case designs. 

You will hardly know that the case is there which is great for those who use their pockets for storage all the time.

So, it is a compact case, but does that come at the cost of durability? 


So, how can you be sure that the phone will stand up to unexpected events? How does drop-test military-grade sound?

This case was taken out to the labs and was put through the wringer. It came out with a Military-Grade protection certification. This means that it can hold up to most drops that it encounters.


The comfort of the design makes it a breeze to adapt for phone users. The easy access to buttons, as well as wireless charging makes this a phone case that you can take on the go with ease. The buttons complement the phone nicely, as they offer a satisfyingly tactile click when you press them down.

That’s much better than the rubbery feel most buttons have when you press them.

Things to Worry About

The only downside is that the paint on the bumpers tends to scratch off. This isn’t too much of a deal-breaker but it can ding the case in the design department. After all, you aren’t looking to protect the paint job but the hardware underneath.

Cost: $15

5. DualPro by Incipio

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 incipio dualpro phone case

Behind this case is a host of protective features that make it a top entry on this list. Unfortunately, it lacks some features, but Incipio knocks it out of the park for protection value aside from some minor grievances.


The bright color offerings on display here will make your phone stand out in the crowd. The sharp Incipio brand logo also contributes some edge to it.


The dual-layer protection is engineered into the inner core that absorbs the shocks that we impose on our poor phones while its outer core is reinforced by Plextonium. 

It's the name for the polycarbonate frame that doesn’t stretch and takes in the shocks and impacts that are thrown at your new mobile phone. It's also scratch-resistant, keeping your case and phone looking sharp for months, and – hopefully – years to come.

If there’s a ding to be had in the durability department, it's that it doesn’t come with a screen protector. Let’s go ahead and add another ding to the maximum drop height, which only manages to max out at 4 feet. Of course, you can always put that to the test.


While many cases seem unwieldy and slip on like an ill-fitting pair of jeans, the fit of this particular case is something that is often lauded as it slips on with ease conforming perfectly to the shape of your phone.

This means that the design fits well with the buttons, providing natural feedback for your fingers.

Cost: $15

6. Presidio Wallet by Speck

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 speck presidio wallet phone case

Image Credit: Imore.com

Speck is no slouch when it comes to protection. But there is a weapon that pushes this case head and shoulders above many of the entries on this list. Add in functionality to go with its futuristic design, and you have a case that will add a stylish flair to you.


The names of the colors only serve the futuristic theme that’s perfect for those sci-fi aficionados. The full range of colors available are:

  • Cathedral Grey
  • Black
  • Mars Red
  • Eclipse Blue
  • Carbon Black
  • Cabbage Purple
  • Vintage Purple

Out of all of the listings, the Presidio Wallet knocks it out into the atmosphere with unique and imaginative colors. Does the durability hold the same quality? The built-in card slot can look a little funky if there are no cards in it.


Well, it blasts away much of the competitors with a maximum drop height of 10 feet. This shields your phone from most clumsy mistakes, keeping your $1,000 mobile phone chugging along for next year's version.

The shell is reinforced by two layers, a solid polycarbonate outer shell takes the brunt of the impact, with the soft inner IMPACTIUM lining absorbing the shock leaving your phone in pristine condition. 

With all of that protection, how do you take it off? Well, this is another impressive engineering aspect of the Presidio Wallet, because while the core of the case is rock solid, the corners are soft and flexible so you can pop it off easily.


Your phone's buttons are easily available when the case is on, with precision cut-outs exposing the Ring/Silent switch, camera, speaker, as well as Lighting connector. Your volume buttons are safe from interference as well, keeping the functionality of your phone in pristine condition.

There is built-in wireless charging – although it seems to be disrupted when there are cards loaded into the holder.

Cost: $45

7. Woolnut Leather

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 woolnut leather

Image Credit: Woolnut Leather

If your idea of a Friday night is breaking a good book on your leather sofa with a glass of chardonnay at your side, then this is the perfect case to complement your style.


This case has a minimalist style that’s enriched by its deep color offerings because there are only two colors:

  • Cognac
  • Black

There are some more color options for older phone models but when it comes to style and elegance that the brand is trying to pull off, then it doesn't make sense to extend the product line out to the full-color spectrum.

Does the durability of its leather hold up to the style that it dishes out?


Well, you might be thinking no. But then, perhaps you haven’t heard of Scandinavian leather. 

What makes Scandinavian leather so special? The cool weather that chills the people of the area also enhances the durability of the leather. This means that not only will you have elegance with the case, but one that lasts.


Inside of the Woolnut case lies something truly impressive for your on-the-go charging needs: full Magsafe compatibility.

Hidden inside the case is a network of magnets in a circular array which gives you the opportunity to use a Magsafe charge, as well as other Magsafe accessories.

Cost: $40

8. Juice Pack by Mophie

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 juicepack by mophie case

Image Credit: MacSources

When our phone battery suddenly dies, you run the risk of missing important calls or urgent text messages. Well, with Juice Pack by Mophie, you can keep your phone juiced and powered, to always have your phone ready and on hand.


Mophie had a very unique challenge when designing this case. They knew that the battery function ran the risk of making it look large and brick-like.

There is noticeable length when sized up against the other entries here, but that spreads out the surface area, which also makes it less bulky. That was the tradeoff that the team chose, but it was inevitable considering the two battery packs that fuel the case.

While it does feel thin, the “chin” on the front of the case can be quite pronounced.

So if you live and die by the sleekness of your products, then this will not be the case for you.


While the battery that fuels the case is a welcome addition, the case isn't as durable as some of the other entries. Some nicks have been reported from accidental drops onto hard concrete, although it does the job of shielding the precious cargo within.

The battery can hold throughout an entire day of use, and when it runs its course, you can then opt for your phone's battery to carry it throughout the rest of the night.


The bumpers for the volume and lock buttons are easily within reach, and it's the first Mophie model that packs a passthrough lightning port, perfect for all of your wireless charging needs.

Cost: $45

9. Griffin Survivor Extreme Case

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 griffin survivor extreme case

Image Credit: Griffin

As the price points for new iPhones continue their march into expensive stratospheres, it's becoming more vital than ever that you have a phone case that can shield it from harmful elements.

This phone case from Griffin is the perfect vessel to carry your new phone. They even dish out some options if you want to take a risk on the cheaper case. Check out the most expensive option because maximum protection is the name of the game.

This is the Survivor Extreme Case.


The color borders of the case enclose a brilliant matte finish with the rugged Survivor logo displayed at the bottom. This shows reliability which is reflected in its extreme level of protection.


How does 16 feet drop protection sound? That's right, the Survivor Extreme case not only packs the drop protection goodies but also features supreme scratch resistance and bacteria protection.

So that, in this Covid-ridden age, you can keep troublesome microbes off of your phone's surface.


All of the buttons feature extra protection, as well as the ports. While this keeps moisture and dirt out, it still provides convenient access.

Cost: $50

Which Best Trendy Phone Case Is For You?

9 Trendy Phone Case Options in 2022 iblason cosmo clear case

Don't be the person who loses their $1,000 phone to an accidental water drop. That's money well earned, and would be money down the drain. Now, you have a comprehensive list of trendy phone case options for maximum protection while keeping your style fresh and clean for this year.

Looking for more?

Then scope out our amazing phone case collections that will match your needs and style.
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