A Guide to the Best iPhone SE Cases

Despite the major advances that Apple has made with its recent iPhone line-ups, the iPhone SE remains one of its most popular releases.

Apple’s wallet-friendly iPhone still has the shape of the beloved iPhone 6. But it's got a major internal spec bump along with some iPhone 8 features, making the iPhone SE a formidable budget-friendly iPhone. It’s no wonder a whopping 24.2 million iPhone SEs sold in 2020 alone.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing features of the iPhone SE is the glass front and back. This feature not only looks great, but it allows for wireless charging, a convenient feature. But no matter how much Apple claims their glass is the toughest out there, you’ll still need to protect your iPhone. The best way to do this is by popping on an iPhone SE case.

There are several new cases to choose from. But a new iPhone SE case can be difficult to choose. Luckily, no matter the color of your iPhone SE or your personal style, there is an iPhone SE case out there for you. Read on to find out some of our favorite options for you to consider for your device.

An iPhone SE Case Suitable for Anyone

One of the most incredible things about iPhones is iPhone accessories. Whether you’re purchasing an iPhone case to update your old one, or in the market to protect your brand-new SE, there’s a case for you.

The list below details some of the best iPhone SE cases suitable for any occasion or person. Whether you want something simple, stylish, or a super protector, there’s the perfect case out there for you.

Rugged Cases

Armor Box

iphone se armorbox

The Armor Box is one of the best rugged-looking iPhone SE cases out there. But aside from its good looks, the Armor box delivers full protection of the iPhone SE with its full-body design.

The Armor Box will protect your phone from drops, bumps, and falls. Its raised bezels will also protect the screen and the mighty iPhone SE’s camera lenses. Adding to its all-around protection is the built-in screen protector. 

A few added benefits of the Armor Box are:

  • • Comes with a free rotating belt holster
  • • Compatible with wireless charging
  • • 1-year warranty
  • • Comes in a variety of colors (black, white, green, blue, pink)

    Super Stylish Cases

    Cosmo Classic

    iphone se cosmo classic

    The Cosmo Classic is for all the glamorous peeps out there. This iPhone SE case has a stunning marble design.

    However, it not only makes the iPhone SE gorgeous but also protects the phone. The full-body design is slip-resistant and has a double-layer hybrid back cover. The Cosmo classic also protects the phone from bumps and falls with its TPU bumper.

    It also comes with a stunning screen protector that matches the color of the case. This screen protector is perfect for iPhones that go into handbags, backpacks, and pockets.

    Some other great benefits of the Cosmo Classic are:  

    • • Tested to protect against a 10-foot drop 
    • • Won't fade or discolor 
    • • Scratch and scrape-resistant 
    • • Wireless charging compatible
    • • 1-year warranty

    Cosmo Lite

    iphone se cosmo lite

    For those who want the stunning marbled look of the Cosmo collection but aren’t looking for a built-in screen protector, then the Cosmo Lite is the case for you. 

    Keeping with the theme, the Cosmo Lite is also scratch and scrape-resistant, so it won’t fade or discolor over time. It also has raised bezels. This protects the vibrant iPhone SE screen and stunning camera from any dings and scratches.

    A couple of other benefits of this case:

    • • Easy, snap-on installation
    • • Extra cushioning on the corners protects the phone from bumps and fall damage

    The UB Royal 

    ub royal

    The UB (Unicorn Beetle) Royal is another gorgeous case that mixes style and protection into one. This case is made from premium faux leather that looks and feels great.

    The rugged full-body design also has raised bezels that protect the camera lens and screen. Thanks to the incorporated shock-proof TPU, this case protects phones from falls and scratches.

    The UB Royal’s allure doesn’t end there:

    • • Comes with a hand-strap for travel and further fall protection
    • • Includes built-in screen protector
    • • 1-year warranty

    Show Off Your iPhone SE

    The UB Edge 

    iphone se ub edge

    There’s no better way to show off your iPhone SE than with a clear phone case. The UB Edge has a clear back design that doesn’t take away from the stunning iPhone SE colors.

    This case has perfect cutouts that allow for easy access to all the features of the phone and its ports. It’s also scratch-resistant, which keeps the case looking new.

    The UB Edge also sports metallic bumpers, giving this case military-grade drop protection. However, it’s still lightweight and thin.

    The UB Edge is also wireless charging compatible and comes with a 1-year warranty. You can also opt to buy a version of the UB Edge with a built-in screen protector. 

    i-Blason Halo

    iphone se halo phone case

    The Halo is the perfect clear case for those who want something simple to protect their iPhone SE. Its edges and backplate are completely transparent but scratch-resistant, so you can see every inch of the striking colors of the iPhone SE.

    The Halo has shock-absorbent TPU bumpers that protect the phone when it falls. It’s also a snap-on case, making it easy to pop onto the iPhone SE.

    The Halo is also:

    • • Fade-resistant
    • • Wireless charging compatible

    The UB Style

    ub style iphone se

    The UB Style is a striking clear iPhone SE case that sports colorful bumpers. You can show off your iPhone SE while adding a splash of personal flair to your phone. 

    The UB Style has a thin, minimalist design but can still protect your phone from accidental falls. MET Labs has certified this cover in a 15ft drop test, so no matter what, your phone is safe.

    The UB Style still offers so much more:

    • • Easy, snap-on installation
    • • TPU bumpers for drops or falls
    • • 4-inch raised bezels for screen protection
    • • 2-inch raised bezel for camera protection
    • • Wireless charging compatible
    • • 1-year warranty

    The UB Exo

    iphone se ub exo phone case

    Like the UB Style, the UB Exo is a great iPhone SE case that’s a little more stylish than a simple clear case. The UB Exo still shows off the colors of the iPhone SE, but along the back and sides, it sports an interesting design similar to an exoskeleton. 

    It not only looks cool, but it also protects your phone. The UB Exo’s bumpers have a carbon fiber trip that makes the phone easier to grip. The bumpers are also made from shock-absorbent TPU, protecting your phone when it accidentally falls.

    The Exo’s overall design also makes the phone much easier to grip, reducing the chances of dropping your phone.

    As a bonus, the UB Exo:

    • • Is scratch and discolor-resistant
    • • Has elevated bezels to protect cameras and screens
    • • Has a 1-year warranty 

    Super Protective Cases

    i-Blason Ares

    iphone se i-blason ares

    This case was certified by CNET in a 20-ft drop test, and its full body design protects the entirety of the iPhone SE. Its snap-on front screen protector seals the phone into the case, protecting it from the three d’s – dust, dirt, and drops.

    This ultra-protective case doesn’t take away from the stunning, slim design of the iPhone SE. It has a clear back, which shows off the striking colors of the phone.

    The Ares is also wireless charging compatible and has impact-resistant bumpers and port covers.

    Clayco Myos

    Another great case with a full-body design is the Myos. This case has a clear back to show off the iPhone SE within, but it still adds a dash of flair with the black bumpers.

    These bumpers are made from a flexible TPU material. Despite this, the Myos has military standard drop protection. It also comes with a built-in screen protector, so your phone has 360° protection.

    The Myos is also wireless charging compatible and comes with a 12-month warranty.

    The UB Pro

    ub pro iphone se

    The most protective phone case on the market, however, remains the UB Pro. In 2018, the UB Pro won CNET’s annual drop test. This rugged, all-around protector comes with a built-in screen protector to protect your phone.

    The case is made of unbending polycarbonate and shock-absorbent TPU, giving you peace of mind no matter what. It’s also wireless charging compatible and comes with built-in port covers.

    The UB Pro also comes with:

    • • A 12-month warranty
    • • A free rotating belt clip holster
    • • A kickstand (model specific) 

    Which iPhone SE Case Should You Buy?

    A Guide to the Best iPhone SE Cases

    When it comes to purchasing an iPhone SE case, the best ones are the ones you love. There are several choices out there that best suit you, your personality, and your iPhone SE.

    There are always a few important things to consider, like whether or not the case you choose will properly protect your phone. Luckily, the cases above will protect your iPhone SE, while still being stylish.

    Check out our large range of iPhone SE cases to find your perfect fit today.
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