A Trendsetter's Guide to Picking a Cute iPhone Case

You drop your brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max on the sidewalk. The screen shatters. 

Does that sound like a nightmare? You can prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality with a cute iPhone case. 

Not all cases designed to protect iPhones are ugly. There are plenty of cool cases available that also guard against damage. 

Plus, a statement phone case can be an extension of your personal style. Are you bright and bold? Or are you a stylish minimalist? Whatever your vibe is, there's a cute iPhone case for you. 

But with so many phone cases available, it can be hard to know where to start. How do you know you're getting a quality product? 

We've prepared this guide to help you determine which iPhone case matches your personal style. Plus, we've got some tips to help you find a phone case that will actually guard your phone. 

Why Do You Need a Cute iPhone Case? 

The aforementioned nightmare should be enough to convince you that you need to invest in an iPhone case. 

However, if that didn't work, we're here to drive the point home. 

Moisture, impact and the keys floating around in your handbag can all damage your phone. 

Sure, a few scratches on your screen doesn't mean you need to buy a whole new phone. Let's not get dramatic here. But if you've spent a small fortune on the latest iPhone, you want to take care of it

A shattered screen is not a stylish addition to your wardrobe. And a cute iPhone cover is a lot cheaper than a screen replacement. 

No single iPhone case can guarantee complete protection for your phone. Sure, there are some cases designed for extreme outdoor sports that have undergone military-grade testing.

But they're expensive. And usually pretty ugly.

Unless you're out climbing mountains every other day, you probably don't need to bother investing in one. A simpler phone case, that actually looks cute, will do the job. 

Plus, with so many amazing styles available, a cute iPhone case that complements your outfit will only cement your status as a trendsetter. 

Types of iPhone Cases 

Before we get to the fun part of deciding which colors and designs best suit your style, we've got a more practical question to work through. 

What type of iPhone case best meets your needs? 

Do you dislike carrying a purse? Maybe you could store your credit cards in your phone case. If so, a wallet-style case might be the best choice for you.

Do you hate the look of phone covers and are only investing in a case to protect your precious iPhone? A thin-fit case like Victoria Beckham might be your best bet. 

Are you super clumsy and prone to dropping your phone while you're out and about? You should consider a CNET-certified phone case. 

Like, seriously consider it. Please. 

We all use our phones differently. This means we all need different things out of our phone cases. 

The following are some different types of phone cases. Have a read through to determine which type of phone case best suits your needs. 

Simple Case 

A simple phone case is just like its name suggests: a simple phone case. 

What do we mean by that? 

Think of the most basic phone case imaginable. No, not 'basic' as in 'unexceptional' or 'mainstream'. We're talking about an uncomplicated sleeve in which you can insert your phone. 

No slots to store credit cards. No keychains. No rings on the back to help you with grip. 

Just a basic iPhone case. 

A simple iPhone case is a good option for people who want to protect their phone without all the chunky features of some other types of cases. Sleek and chic, simple iPhone cases are often popular with minimalists. 

Of course, selecting a simple iPhone case is not simple. From a plastic phone case to a thin-fit, silicone phone skin, there are several styles to choose from within this category. 

However, above and beyond the material of the simple phone case you select, most of these decisions are purely about aesthetics. 

Don't worry - we'll get to aesthetics soon!

Wallet Case

A wallet case is also pretty self-explanatory. It's a phone case that doubles as a wallet or purse. 

Of course, a wallet case will not have all the features of a purse. You'd be hard-pressed to find a wallet case with a separate zipper in which to store coins or notes. 

You'll need an actual wallet for that. 

But wallet cases are incredibly handy. Usually, they have a few spaces in which to store credit cards, ID and maybe a key. But that's all you need. 

Who uses cash anyway? 

A wallet case is a great option if you don't usually carry a large handbag. Everything you need, all the essentials, can fit in your back jeans pocket. 

Plus, if you do often carry your iPhone in your back pocket, a wallet case will be strong enough to prevent it from bending. It's a real problem for those of us who regularly rock skinny jeans. 

CNET-Certified Case 

Are you clumsy? Do you often drop plates and glasses? Have you ever dropped your phone?

If the answer to any of the above questions was 'yes', you might want to consider spending a little bit extra and investing in a CNET-certified iPhone case.  

What is a CNET certification? 

Good question!

CNET performs endurance testing on phone cases. This testing includes dropping phones from certain heights and dropping heavy steel balls onto phones to see how the phone case performs. 

No phone case has ever fully survived all of the CNET tests. No phone case is completely indestructible. However, if the phone case performs well, it is awarded with a CNET certification. 

Some of our phone cases have undergone CNET testing and been awarded CNET certification. We think our cases performed pretty well. You can see for yourself.

iPhone Case Trends

Yes, we've reached the fun part - finally!

From Kendall Jenner's barely-there, minimal phone case to the fiery red case featured in Gigi Hadid's Instagram selfies, celebrities show how an iPhone case can complete a look.

With so many trendy iPhone cases available, it can be difficult to decide which one shows off your personality and unique style. 

You might be surprised by how cheap a good quality iPhone case can be. Maybe you could invest in more than one case. 

Matching your iPhone case to your outfit is always a savvy move. 

Whether you're in the market for a single case to complete your look or a case for every day of the week, we'll help you find something to make your outfit pop!


Minimalism is having a real moment.

Come to think of it, the minimalism moment has lasted a few years. And it doesn't look like it's going anywhere. 

Whether you're a by-the-book minimalist who truly embodies the 'living-with-less' ideology, or you're more of a stylistic minimalist, a simple black phone case will go with everything. If black isn't your style, muted colors also work well. 

Bold Colors

Take a page out of Gigi Hadid's book and make a splash with a bold red phone case. Or a blazing orange. Or a fluorescent green. 

Whichever color you choose, bold colors are great options coming into the warmer months. 

If your style is naturally adventurous, a bold iPhone case can complement your outfit. Alternatively, if you tend to go for muted tones, a bright color can make your outfit pop without much effort. 


Florals in spring? Miranda Priestly might not approve, but we're big fans! 

A floral phone case can bring a feminine touch to an otherwise androgynous outfit. It can also add the final girly touch to a fun dress and heels. 

Floral patterns will always be in style, so you can't go wrong. 

Geometric Design 

Sharp and eye-catching, geometric prints will stand out against any outfit. If you're into mirror selfies, a geometric phone case will always grab attention. 

If you're after a statement piece, a geometric print is a great alternative to a bold color. It usually involves multiple bold colors.

This geometric phone case has stunning gold highlights, bringing a touch of class to an adventurous style. 

Make a Statement With a Trendy iPhone Case 

A cute iPhone case can complete an outfit.

A bold iPhone case paired with muted tones always works. Alternatively, a simple black iPhone case can bring a classy touch to any daring outfit. 

However, iPhone cases are so much more than a fashion statement. They're vital in guarding your precious phone from the many things that can harm it. 

Maintain your status as a trendsetter while protecting your most valuable device with an i-Blason iPhone case. We've got a great range of styles to suit all the latest iPhone models. 

Melissa Hau
Melissa is the Brand Manager for i-Blason. She was previously the Social Media Manager for multiple brands under the same group of companies.

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