Beach Day Essentials: Top 10 Accessories for Your Summer Fun

Do you know that magical place where the sand tickles our toes and kisses our skin? It’s the beach, of course! This place is where the sea sings to our soul. We can soak up the sun, surf the waves, or build sandcastles.

We can also enjoy a lazy day on a beach towel, scrolling our FB with all-weather iPhone cases or simply reading a good paperback. If we want to have a good time in the ocean, being well-prepared with the right accessories is the answer.

Here’s a roundup of our top 10 beach day essentials. They’re sure to elevate your experience while keeping you stylish, protected, and ready for any adventure.

1. Sunscreen – Our BFF

Say it with us: sunscreen is non-negotiable. Skin protection from harmful UV rays is a top priority. Experts say tanned skin is skin damage. To prevent that, let’s do the following: 

  • • Use broad-spectrum (protection from both UVA and UVB rays).
  • • Make sure it’s water-resistant for those dips in the ocean.
  • • Slather the cream on generously and repeat throughout the day.
  • • Apply it even on gloomy days because sun rays penetrate the cloud barrier.

  • 2. Waterproof Speaker – Set The Vibe

    Music and the beach go together like salt and pepper. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can set the vibe for your beach day. It’s one of those summer accessories that create a nice ambiance and possibly even spark some impromptu beach dancing!

    3. Gadget Cases – All-Out Protection

    Keeping gadgets safe while we bask in the beach's glory is essential. We don’t want sand, water, and spilled SPF wrecking our device. Que horror! Let’s do this in style by matching cute phone cases with our beachwear. Check out our top picks for eye-catching best phone covers:

    Cosmo Floral Case

    Perfect for those who adore a touch of femininity, the Cosmo Floral Case pairs wonderfully with light, airy fabrics and floral swimwear. Its intricate design adds sophistication while keeping the phone safe from sand and water splashes.

    Cosmo Marble Case

    For the beachgoer who loves a touch of luxury, the Cosmo Marble Case is a match made in heaven. Its sleek marble pattern complements a minimalist beachwear style, adding a sophisticated touch to sun-drenched escapades.

    ArmorBox Red Tablet Case

    Bold and bright, the ArmorBox Red Tablet Case is a statement piece that perfectly matches vibrant beachwear and patterns. It’s not just about looks—this case offers unbeatable protection for tablets, so we can enjoy the beach worry-free.

    Halo Clear Phone Case

    If we’re all about showing off the original style of our phone while adding a layer of protection, one of the best phone cases for beach wear is the Halo Clear Phone Case. It seamlessly blends with any summer pattern, enhancing our beach style without overshadowing it.

    Combining functionality with style, these gadget cases ensure our day at the beach is stress-free and chic. Let’s vow to keep our devices protected from the sun, sand, and accidental water splashes, all while maintaining our summer fashion vibes.

    4. Beach Towel – More Than Just a Towel

    A good beach towel goes a long way. It’s a summer staple that none of us can do without. The best towels are:

  • • Large enough to lounge on
  • • Made with quick-drying
  • • Can easily resist sand
  • Bonus points if the towel comes in a fun summer pattern setting the mood for a fabulous day!

    5. Snack Containers – Yummy Fuel

    Beach days are energy-intensive because we keep moving, and the heat tires us out faster. Keep hunger at bay with reusable snack containers filled with favorite treats. Opt for ones that seal tightly to keep the sand out.

    6. Insulated Water Bottle – Hydrate

    Stay hydrated in style with an insulated water bottle. Insulation is key to keeping our drinks cold for hours. With all the fun and activities, keeping water handy is crucial. And might as well do it with a bottle that matches our beach aesthetic.

    7. Beach Bag – Carry in Style

    A durable and stylish beach bag is essential for all our beach day necessities. Invest in a bag that’s:

  • • Spacious enough to fit our things
  • • Has multiple compartments for organization
  • • Made from a quick-dry material .

    8. Stylish Sun Hat & Sunglasses – Chic Sun Protection

    Summer means we must whip out our sun protection gear and be extra vigilant. In addition to sunblock, we can shield ourselves from the sun’s rays with a wide-brimmed sun hat and UV-protective sunglasses. These not only protect but also add a touch of style to our beach ensemble.

    9. Comfortable Sandals – For Sandy Strolls

    Comfy, water-resistant sandals are must-haves for any beachgoer. They protect our feet from hot sand and allow for easy transitions between the beach and the boardwalk. Pick one that’s quick-drying. We can even use them in the water to prevent accidental ouchies from sharp shells. 

    10. Beach Reads – Immerse in Stories

    No beach day is complete without a good book or magazine. Whether you love romances that match the setting or engaging non-fiction, a beach day is your perfect chance to catch up on some reading.

    Conclusion: Ready, Set, Beach!

    With these beach day essentials, we’re all set for a day full of sunshine and waves. Let’s welcome blissful relaxation and our chance to rejuvenate by the ocean. From staying hydrated to keeping our gadgets safe, we’re equipped to make the most of our seaside adventure.

    And remember, style doesn’t have to stop when you’re beach bound! Instead, elevate your experience and express your personality with stylish gadget cases from our i-Blason collection that match your summer aesthetics. We have the perfect phone protector from iPhone cases to Z Flip6 cases and Z Fold6 cases to complement any beach day ensemble. Cheers to a memorable day at the beach!

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