Common iPhone 13 Q and A's

Did you know that there are over a billion iPhones actively used? iPhones have risen in popularity over the years as a status symbol for the rich and trendy.  

With the latest iPhone launch, the iPhone 13, customers have been enjoying the much-requested updates and released features. However, is the iPhone 13 truly worth the cost?  

With this guide, you can find out all you need to know from cost to does the iPhone 13 come with a charger? You can determine if the iPhone 13 is right for you and your family. 

Here’s an in-depth look into iPhone features:  

How Much Does the iPhone 13 Cost? 

How Much Does the iPhone 13 Cost

The cost of an iPhone 13 depends largely on which model you buy and which storage option you want. The iPhone 13 offers four models: the Mini, the 13, the Pro, and Pro Max. Apple also provides four storage options that consist of 128G, 256G, 512G, and lastly, 1TB.  

Without a carrier discount, here are the estimated prices of the iPhone 13 series: 

  • • iPhone 13 Mini with 128G: $730
  • • iPhone 13 Mini with 256G: $840
  • • iPhone 13 Mini with 512G: $1,040
  • • iPhone 13 with 128G: $830
  • • iPhone 13 with 256G: $940 
  • • iPhone 13 with 512G: $1,140
  • • iPhone 13 Pro with 128G: $1,000
  • • iPhone 13 Pro with 256G: $1,100
  • • iPhone 13 Pro with 512G: $1,300
  • • iPhone 13 Pro with 1TB: $1,500
  • • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 128G: $1,100
  • • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 256G: $1,200
  • • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 512G: $1,400
  • • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB: $1,600 

What Colors Does the iPhone 13 Come In? 

iPhone 13 colors

The iPhone 13 comes in a variety of bold new colors that consumers have been pleading for. As always, there are colors that are only available in the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini. These colors consist of: 

  • • Pale Pink 
  • • Blue 
  • • Red 
  • • Starlight 
  • • Midnight 

Starlight is Apple’s new version of last year’s white option, which featured silver around the edges. Starlight, in contrast, has a noticeably warmer shade. 

Some have called it pearl or cream-colored with its light gold edges. Starlight is similar to the iPhone 12 Pro’s Cool Silver color due to its matte styling although it has a darker champagne undertone.  

Apple’s Midnight shade replaces Black as the darkest color option. However, don’t confuse Midnight with Space Gray or Graphite, as it’s a completely different shade. In fact, the color is made up of a dark black with a hint of navy blue. It’s sleek, classic, and one color combination you’ll certainly be impressed by.   

Now, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max come in different colors. You can purchase the higher models in: 

  • • Silver 
  • • Gold 
  • • Graphite 
  • • Sierra Blue  

Graphite isn’t a new addition. In fact, it was available for iPhone 12. For those who don’t know, it’s a light metallic gray. Graphite is similar to the Space Gray tone that was used for previous models. Although, it has a bit of contrast in its pigment, making it look darker and at times, chalky. 

Sierra Blue, on the other hand, has replaced the iPhone 12 Pacific Blue. Sierra Blue features a lighter and brighter shade, almost like a baby blue color or a powdery blue. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a bright summer shade for their phone.  

What’s the iPhone 13 Screen Size? 

The four iPhone 13 phones have the same screen sizes as the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 13 Mini has the smallest display screen of them all totaling a modest size of 5.4 inches.

While both the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro have the same display size of 6.1-inches. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, on the other hand, has the largest screen at 6.7 inches.  

How Long Does the iPhone 13 Battery Last?  

One of the most desirable traits of the iPhone 13 is its updated battery. The new battery, plus the iOS chip and the A15 chip, add an additional 2.5 hours of battery life. That means the iPhone 13 has a battery that can last for a full 15 hours. 

As for the iPhone 13 Mini, the battery will last two hours longer than the iPhone 12 Mini. Now, that’s a large increase within a span of a year. Its battery went from 10 hours to a whopping 12 hours of battery life. 

The Pro models see a similar level of increase, with the iPhone 13 Pro receiving an additional 2.5 hours and the Pro Max getting 1.5 hours more battery. That brings the total to 20 and 25 hours of battery life. 

What’s the Refresh Rate? 

Android phones, whether costly or not, commonly feature a high refresh rate. That way, people experience a smooth transition from page to page and can clearly see any picture or video on the screen. 

To compete, the iPhone 13 Pro now has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. With such a high refresh rate, it will make scrolling smoother, animations clearer, and gaming more immersive. Until now, the only Apple device to have such a high refresh rate was the iPad Pro.  

That makes the iPhone 13 Pro Apple’s fastest phone. Even against its competitors, it doesn’t compare; with its A16 Bionic chip, some consider it the world’s fastest phone

Does the iPhone 13 Come With a Charger?

i-blason wall charger

The iPhone 13 does not come with a charger. All you receive is your iPhone and a USB-C-to-Lighting cable, and that’s it. 

There’s no wall charger, car charger, or fast charging brick, nor is there a portable charger included in the box. If you want any of those accessories, you have to purchase them separately.  

Now, there’s a reason why Apple doesn’t include chargers in phone purchases. With advances in wireless charging and affordable chargers at nearly every store, Apple deems it unnecessary to include chargers with every purchase. Instead, they can decrease their e-waste, cut down on packaging, and give customers what they want without spending too much money. 

How Many Cameras Does the iPhone 13 Have? 

The iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 received a camera upgrade which now have two diagonal rear cameras. The placement shift is a result of a new sensor sustainability system that was on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Plus, all four models come with an enhanced 12-megapixel camera and ultra-wide lens. With these new enhancements, there are additional features customers can enjoy, like night mode, portrait mode, and 4k video recording. 

The iPhone 13 also comes with a cinematic mode for video recording, which has been featured on many Android devices for a while, but it’s a first for an iPhone.

With cinematic mode, you can create shallow depth effects for video. However, it’s worth noting that the cinematic mode is shot in Full HD, not 4k. 

Another new addition is photographic styles which are different from digital filters due to their precise detailing. Now, photographic styles can be turned on at the moment you capture a photo. 

There are five styles on the iPhone 13, which include rich, contrast, vibrant, warm, and cool. You can even customize the styling format to ensure the photo looks crisp and to your liking. 

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with a brand new triple camera system. The camera also comes enhanced with a telephoto lens which has 3x optical zoom capabilities. It’s 1.5x longer than the camera on iPhone 12 Pro and even 1.2x longer than the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

To put this in perspective, this enhancement is huge for Apple. It’s taken many of the weaknesses of the camera on the iPhone 12 and turned them on its head. While the camera quality still isn’t comparable to the Samsung Galaxy, Apple has done a great job at improving its shortcomings in just one year.  

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Common iPhone 13 Q and A's

This new iPhone has blown everyone away, and for a good reason. It has bold new colors, a longer-lasting battery life, and a long-requested refresh rate that will make browsing smooth and efficient.  

However, there are some downsides to this iPhone, and the main one is the cost. It’s still an expensive phone at the end of the day, which may make it hard for some to afford. Now, to answer the question, does the iPhone 13 come with a charger? No, it doesn’t. Check out our new iPhone accessories today.
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