Essential iPhone 13 Accessories for Enhancing Your Life in 2022

Straight out of the box, you already know that any of the new iPhone 13 models are going to be awesome. After all, this is the best iPhone to date with many improvements and great new features at our fingertips, what’s not to love.

But what iPhone 13 accessories are there that will enhance the phone's capabilities? There are plenty of great accessories for improving pretty much every aspect of your life. These include tracking down lost items, and keeping your phone charged longer. And, of course, improving that selfie.

In this roundup article, we’ve delved into the best iPhone 13 accessory options on the market that you need in your life right now. We’ve scrutinized a ton of products to bring you the best list of accessories you can’t live without.

Your iPhone 13 features a ton of great spec points. Let's see how we can supercharge them. Read on to find out about our top picks that are certain to make your life easier in 2022.

The Key Differences of the iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 had several improvements compared to the iPhone 12. And although the iPhone 12 is a great phone, there are several key features of the newer model that make it stand out.

Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 feature a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display. The iPhone 13 has improved brightness. The iPhone 13 is slightly heavier, coming in at 6.14 ounces (174 grams compared to the 5.78 ounces (164 grams).

The iPhone 13 also had improved battery life.  Video playback, video streaming, and audio playback all have improvements compared to the iPhone 12. Both of the models feature fast-charge capability, with the phone getting to 50% charge in 30 minutes.

In terms of image capture, the iPhone 13 features everything that the iPhone 12 could do, but with improvements. The key differences are HDR video recording with Dolby Vision which records up to 4K at 60 fps, sensor-shift optical image stabilization and creativity options like the addition of more photographic styles to personalize your images, and cinematic video recording mode for capturing footage with a shallow depth of field.

iPhone 13 Accessories You Need in 2022

Essential iPhone 13 Accessories for Enhancing Your Life in 2022

Not sure where to start? We've got something for every iPhone 13 accessory budget, across a range of niches. We’re confident that everyone will find something they love here. The only problem will be choosing which.

Apple Watch

iblason cosmo luxe apple watch band

We kick off this list with one of the most popular accessories for every iPhone user. 

This is an essential addition to your iPhone. We don't need to give it much introduction as it’s been around for years. Its popularity isn’t dwindling any time soon. The Apple Watch is the most convenient way to access all the great features of your new iPhone 13. Everything, from music to calls, messaging, and fitness is at your fingertips.

MagSafe Charger

MagSafe charger

Image credit:

If you’ve not experienced the convenience of wireless charging, where have you been? This is a game-changer. The MagSafe Charger is the number one way to charge your iPhone 13 quickly up to 15w.

The great thing with the MagSafe Charger is that it’s compatible with existing older models of iPhone. It also works with AirPods or any other accessory that comes with a Qi-certified charger.

MagSafe Charger Compatible Phone Stand

iBlason MagSafe Charger Compatible Phone Stand - Pink

This adorable rose gold multi-angle stand is compatible with your MagSafe charger. It’s made of high-quality polycarbonate. This means it's incredibly durable, lightweight, and portable.

Each of the legs has a little silicone rubber foot, helping it avoid sliding about your desk and to stabilize the phone stand.

One of the best features of the MagSafe Charger Compatible Phone Stand is that it comes with an intuitive multi-viewing-angle design. This makes it easy to have that hands-free video call, to comfortably read, watch video clips, or work while your phone charges. It’s the perfect desk accessory.


iBlason AirPods Pro Case

Although not a new accessory for iPhones, it’s a firm favorite. If you’ve not invested in a pair of AirPods yet, then you should. Long gone are the days of having to untangle cords.

Apple AirPods come with built-in noise cancellation technology. This helps to give improved sound quality to whatever you’re listening to. They are also water resistant, so great for a user while out running or during your gym session.

We love the feature of their automatic connection to your iPhone. By simply saying ‘Hey, Siri’, it’s a feature that makes them stand out compared to non-Apple earphones. Other brands often need a manual connection. Apple AirPods also comes with decent battery life.

Gaming Controller

iPhone 13 backbone 1

Image credit: Windows Central

If your guilty pleasure is playing games on your iPhone, then the Gamepad for iPhone 13 Pro Max is a must-have accessory for you. Supercharge your gaming experience with this gadget. It converts your mobile into a console-level gaming experience.

It’s compatible with a range of gaming services including Xbox and Amazon Luna. You will be able to access all your favorite games through the controller.

Cosmo Wallet

iPhone cosmo wallet

It’s an age-old observation that women’s clothes never come with enough pockets to store everything. Even for a short trip to the shops, we have to take our purses with us. Well, say hello to our Cosmo Wallet.

This combines a phone case with built-in card slots as an iPhone accessory that’s based on convenience. The easy-to-install case features slots to hold two cards, although we used it to put cash and our coffee-shop loyalty card in.

It’s the perfect solution for nipping out to the shops, hands-free. The case is scratch resistant and also works with wireless charging.

Audio Beanie

iphone audio beanie

We love the idea of combining winter clothing accessories with technology. These audio beanies are a great accessory for your iPhone 13 if you’re a lover of any outdoor activity.

They come in a range of styles. You can match them with the rest of your winter wardrobe giving you sound on the go. You can also receive calls and speak hands-free. Whether you’re working out, skiing, or walking your dog in the chilly months, you need to add an Audio Beanie to your needs list.

iPhone Screen Magnifier

iPhone screen magnifier

Image credit: Dizaul

If one of the main things you do with your iPhone is watching movies, then think about getting an iPhone Screen Magnifier. It transforms your screen into a 12-inch projector display and you can use it not only for films but for playing games or reading.

If you’re staring at a screen all day, then you’ll know about eye strain. By using a bigger screen, you’ll give your eyes some instant relief by no longer having to squint. The lightweight design makes this great for travel, especially as it has a battery-free design.

Fitness Band

supcase fitness armband

No pockets in your gym wear? No problem. If you don’t have a fitness watch, then you might want to use a fitness app on your iPhone to keep track of your activity. For starters, gym wear doesn't come with pockets, and having to keep hold of your phone while you’re out on a run is just annoying.

These fitness bands are a great solution, fit a range of sizes, and will allow you to track your fitness activity. They are also waterproof, making them ideal for all-weather use.

iPhone Accessories for Travel

No matter what your travel style; the daily commute, vacations, or road tripping, there's an abundance of great accessories for the iPhone 13. These are the best iPhone accessories for travel right now.

Apple AirTag

iblason cosmo airtag

These are a great way to keep track of your belongings. If you’ve ever lost a piece of luggage while you’re traveling, these are an absolute lifesaver. The Apple AirTag is a little chip that you put somewhere inside your luggage that connects to the Find My app.

They are simple to set up, with a one-tap connection. Your AirTag and phone are then connected. Use the App to play a sound through the built-in speaker to help track down your missing item.

If your baggage is too far away to hear, then the Find My app utilizes the network through other Apple devices to track down your belongings. The AirTag can be set to Lost Mode, and you’ll receive a notification as soon as it’s detected by the Find My app.

Worried about security? The Find My network is encrypted. This protects your privacy, and your Current location data and your location history are never stored on the AirTag or the app.

AirTags are a great iPhone 13 accessory, especially if you travel a lot. Place the chips inside a pocket of your bag. To add some style and to keep your precious chip safe, it’s best to get a keyring to put them in. We think you’ll love these beautiful marble pink AirTag Cases.

Travel Phone Stand

iphone cosmo phone stand

This great little gadget makes phone viewing so much easier while on the move. You could use this as a great accessory for your work-from-home setup. But, we particularly loved the compact and portable design making it ideal for use on the move.

The phone stand is easily adjusted to suit a range of viewing angles. It also comes with silicone padded feet to stop it from skidding about on surfaces- which is great if you’re using it on a train or plane.

It’s made from high-quality aluminum, which means it's sturdy and lightweight. Use that with its foldability to make it your favorite travel companion for hands-free viewing. One of the most stylish travel stands we have seen is this Cosmo travel phone stand.

Power Bank

iblason powerbank

Although the iPhone 13 features over 13 hours of continuous playback in video mode, we’ve all been there, where we’ve forgotten to charge our phone. Power banks are also a useful iPhone 13 accessory if you’re planning road trips or camping.

A high-powered charge bank will make sure you’re never out of power. Go for something like a 7800 mAh power capacity bank, that can charge up to 3x faster than lower capacity models. This power bank also has three charging ports, made up of 2 USB-A and 1 Micro USB each with separate amperage.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

iphone magsafe battery pack

Image credit: Apple Toolbox

If you don’t want to take a separate power bank, then an alternative solution to keeping your phone's power topped up is the MagSafe Battery Pack.

This great accessory from Apple allows you to attach an extra battery to the back of your phone. This gives you a power boost on the go via the powerful high 20W charger. Another great feature of the MagSafe Battery Pack is that you can charge the wireless as well as your iPhone simultaneously.

MagSafe Car Vent Mount

belkin magsafe car vent mount

Image credit: Lenex Web

This is great for wireless charging in the convenience of your car. You definitely need this MagSafe Car Vent Mount by Belkin, which is specifically designed for use with your iPhone 13.

The mount clips onto a vent in your car’s air vent. It holds your phone securely while driving giving you hands-free driving, all, whilst charging your phone at the same time.

iPhone Accessories for Content Creators

Are you a budding blogger, influencer, vlogger, or podcaster? The iPhone 13 has a multitude of features to boost your content creation capabilities. The only limit is your imagination.

Ring Holder Case

iblason cosmo snap ring holder phone case

Have you seen the picture quality from the iPhone 13 camera? It’s begging for us to take a ton of selfies. One thing that's made our self-taking a whole lot easier, is the trusty pop socket. Usually, we’d buy this little gadget and stick it to the back of our phone, but have you thought about getting a case with an integrated pop socket?

These Cosmo Snap Cases are easy to install. The simple snap-on design not only protects your phone but adds the convenience of a pop socket phone grip. The pop socket also doubles up as a kickstand. This is such a simple idea, but we love it. After trying it, you won't know how you lived all this time without it, this is an essential iPhone 13 accessory.

Selfie Desktop Live Stand

iphone tripod with selfie ring light
Image credit: Lamicall


This combines a tripod with a selfie ring light option. What we love with this one incorporates more features. It not only supports your laptop but also an extra arm for items like a microphone.

This is a great solution for music creators. It's also anyone needing many pieces of equipment at their fingertips. The Selfie Desktop Live Stand allows you to work with your phone and laptop at the same time whilst lighting your work area.

It’s adjustable, so you can set it up perfectly in your home recording studio to create professional footage.

SD Card Reader

iphone sd card adapter
Image credit: iMore

This is a great one for content creators, who need to transfer files quickly and easily. This SD card reader makes the two-way transfer of data simple. It's useful if you've captured footage on a separate device. It's also great for transferring large files from someone else. You can transfer things from iPhone to SD Card or between SD Card to iPhone, interruption-free.

Pro Filming Attachments

flir one gen 3 thermal camera smartphone moisturemeter

If you're an avid video maker, then a great accessory for your iPhone 13 is the FLIR ONE Gen 3. This camera attachment turns your iPhone into a powerful professional-level camera. One of the top features is the infrared camera.

This accessory is great if you record footage in low-light situations. This iPhone accessory allows you to capture photos and footage in ultra HD quality even in the lowest light scenarios. The FLR One is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

The inbuilt thermal lens also allows you to measure temperature variance as well as capture images through its use of MSC Technology. It works by blending thermal and visible spectrum images to give you more detailed footage.

External Microphone

iphone external microphone

Image credit: Apple

If your focus is on capturing sound, then you need this Mobile Recording kit. This is the perfect iPhone accessory for podcasters, singers, or collecting interview footage. Capture the best in quality audio with professional results. Create muffle-free sound bites which need little editing before uploading.

Some simply connect directly to the iPhone which gives you a microphone option on the go. Other modes can be used for a professional home setup and can be connected through the Lightning cable for use with a laptop.

Ares Case

iblason ares case

If you’re an active type (or accident prone) then you will need a robust iPhone 13 case. These Ares cases will ensure that your phone will survive every knock that life throws at it.

They come with a built-in scratch and crack-proof screen protector. It also won't compromise the touch sensitivity. It also includes raised bezels around the camera lenses to help stop them from getting scratched.

If you’re interested in the technical side of this Ares case, then it's made from flexible TPU and polycarbonate. This means they are both incredibly tough materials. These give your phone 360-degree protection from accidents.

It’s also dust, dirt, drop, and fall-proof, it’s been CNET certified to survive falls from as far as 20 feet.

Don't be concerned about the Ares case being compatible with MagSafe and other wireless chargers because it is. Not only are they robust enough to withstand every knock we throw at them, but they are also available in a range of great colors.

Which of These iPhone 13 Accessories Are You Going to Treat Yourself To?

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When it comes to choosing which iPhone 13 accessory you can’t live without, you’re only limited by your imagination. With accessories to help improve every aspect of your life from travel, to health & fitness, to productivity, there is something for everyone.

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