Everything You Need To Know About New iPhone Camera Features

Are you looking to up your Instagram game? Great photography doesn't require a big, clunky digital camera anymore. An amazing camera with crazy good features can all fit in the palm of your hand. 

The new iPhone camera features allow you to achieve beautiful photography and videography without carrying around a huge DSLR. 

The new iPhone 14 camera is coming soon, but we don't know much about the camera features. Here's everything we know about the iPhone 13 camera so you'll know what to compare. 

Camera Specs

Everything You Need To Know About New iPhone Camera Features

For the techies out there, let's break down the camera specs of the iPhone 13. 

The new iPhone has a dual 12MP camera system with Wide and Ultra Wide cameras. This means you can capture even more with your lens. Those group photos with your friends just became a lot easier. 

The camera has 2x optical zoom out to make group photos even easier. This is also perfect for landscape photos so you can capture everything. For when you need a closer look, you can zoom in up to 5x.

You can read even more of the technical specs on Apple's website.

Never Go Out of Style

With photographic styles, you can skip the editing and take your photo exactly how you want to. You can choose a preset in the Camera app and let it set the style or fine-tune the preset even further.

There are a few different options — Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, or Cool. Once you choose your style, you can set it to be your preferred style or choose a new style every time. This allows you to edit right in the Camera app, instead of needing multiple editing apps. 

This is a game-changer for those of us who spend time and money on different editing apps. Photographic styles are such a cool upgrade for the iPhone 13 camera. 

New Macro Photography

For those who don't know, macro photography is when the camera is very close to an object and can take a crystal clear photo. Currently, with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, macro photography is not possible. 

With the iPhone 13 line, you can now use the Ultra-Wide camera to capture amazing macro photos. You can shoot macro videos and photos automatically just by moving your camera close to the subject. How convenient. 

Enhance Your Selfies

iphone 13 selfie

With built-in features like the Ultra-Wide camera and Lens Correction, you can take selfies with the front-facing camera that automatically corrects lighting and color balance.

This feature is available on the iPhone 12 models and later. So, we can probably expect this feature to improve with the iPhone 14 camera. 

New iPhone Camera Features Are Perfect for Concert Photos

iphone 13 phone photos

Night Mode and Live Photos together are the best package for frequent concert-goers. Personally, I think Live Photos are pretty much magic and with the added feature of Night Mode wherein concert photos come out looking amazing.

If you don't know, Night Mode allows you to capture pictures in low-light without using that pesky flash. Live Photos have been around for a few years now, but if you don't know, they allow you to capture movement and sound for a few seconds before and after taking the photo. 

Shortcut to Videos

Now, you can use QuickTake to record videos without switching out of photo mode. You may think this isn't necessarily a time saver until you miss an unbelievable moment. Never miss a moment with QuickTake. 

QuickTake works on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later. With the Camera app open, it defaults to the photo mode. If you hold down the shutter button, you can take a video. Just press and hold, and then release when you want to stop the video.

QuickTake also allows you to lock in the video recording if you want a longer video. If you slide to the right you'll see a lock. From there you can lock in your recording just like how you would normally record a video.

If you slide to the left while holding onto the shutter button, you can take a burst of photos.

With the newest iPhone software, you can use the Volume down button with the photo mode open to capture a QuickTake video. If you hold down the Volume up button, you can take a burst of photos.

These features are insanely convenient for traveling and for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

TrueDepth Camera

iphone 13 photography modes

Image credit: 9to5Mac

The TrueDepth Camera on the latest iPhones has given us Portrait mode and FaceID. The Portrait mode can truly enhance any photos you take, especially selfies. 

Portrait mode allows for depth control that the iPhone camera never gave us before. This new iPhone software allows for professional-quality portraits that blur the background and even give a nice bokeh effect.

This feature is perfect for raising the bar on Instagram for your selfies and group photos.

Cinematic Camera Recording

The iPhone 13 camera can shoot with Dolby Vision up to 4K at 60fps. That is cinema-quality camera software. For vloggers, TikTokers, and influencers, this is a big deal. 

You can even take still photos while recording high-quality 4K videos. Additionally, you can shoot macro videos, slo-mo, and time-lapse recordings. 

Shoot RAW

An amazing new feature for the iPhone 13 Pro camera is for photographers who do any post-production editing. You can now shoot in ProRAW, which mimics the look of a RAW picture, meaning it retains a whole lot of detail.

Most of the time, your phone captures an image and compresses it into a HEIC or JPEG image. Shooting in ProRAW opens up a lot of possibilities to do detailed editing in software like Photoshop. 

Adjust Focus and Exposure

iphone 13 camera focus

Image credit: Phone Arena

Lots of the features of the iPhone camera are automatic, which is great for the novice photographers out there. Some photographers are more experienced and need fine-tuned settings. 

Luckily, the iPhone 13 camera allows you to set the focus and exposure before you take a photo to achieve exactly what you want from your photography. 

For those of us who aspire to be photographers, there's so much you can do with your iPhone camera to take amazing photos

Adjust Depth of Field After Shooting

With the new cinematic mode on the iPhone 13, you can adjust the depth of field of a video after recording. This is a huge deal for post-production on the iPhone itself. 

You can also edit the focal point after recording. You can do all this editing within the Photos app. This is yet another feature that saves you time and money from having to edit on multiple different apps.

If you make videos on your phone for your job or a hobby, this is a feature you just have to have. 

Splash and Water Resistant

splash and water resistant iphone 13

For those of us who live life a bit on the dangerous side, no need to worry. The iPhone 13 is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes with a maximum depth of about 19 feet. 

Whether you are prone to dropping your phone in the pool trying to get that perfect summer shot, or you're just a bit clumsy, Apple is looking out for you with this feature. 

How to Protect Your iPhone 13

how to protect iphone 13 with phone case

If that water-resistant feature is a big selling point for you, you may need a durable phone case. Durable cases don't have to be clunky and ugly to be the best quality.

With i-Blason cases, you can still get trendy, cute yet protective cases. This marble case is so pretty and yet still has great protection for your phone. There's a built-in screen protector and it's been tested to be able to withstand a 10-foot drop. 

The sleek TPU bumper on the case absorbs shock from drops and the casing is scratch-resistant. Plus, i-Blason cases are compatible with most wireless chargers. 

These cases have the durability to protect your phone and tons of options for those who want a beautiful-looking phone case.

If you want to use your iPhone for photography, you should definitely be protecting it with a great quality case. 

Want to Learn More About iPhones?

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you need to know about the new iPhone camera features. Go forth and take wonderful photos.

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