How the Apple Supply Chain is Preparing for the iPhone 14

Apple is releasing yet another phone amid supply chain issues and inflation concerns that are increasing the cost of living. However, the iPhone 14 release comes with a few interesting updates (along with a $1,199 price tag).

Namely, despite increasing inflation, there is more interest in the iPhone 14 than in previous versions of iPhones. This means that the large tech company has had to ramp up Apple supply chain measures to ensure that there’s enough to fill millions of orders.

With preorders slated to begin before the September launch date, and the exclusion of a Mini option, the iPhone 14 announcement comes with a lot of interesting things to know. Here’s the lowdown on the iPhone 14 and how the Apply supply chain is preparing for the launch.

What to Know About the iPhone 14 Release Date

iphone 14 release date

First and foremost, let’s talk about what we do know about the official launch date of the iPhone 14. Recently, CEO Tim Cook announced that the iPhone 14 will be launched on September 7th, 2022.

While this appears to be a global release date, it’s worth checking if you live outside of the US whether or not the new iPhone 14 will be available immediately in your country. Likewise, note that the supply chain measures also apply to global supply chains.

What else is new with this release? As mentioned, Apple has done away with the Mini. This means that the smallest and cheapest version of the iPhone 14 you can expect to be able to buy is the regular iPhone 14. 

There will still be an iPhone 14 Pro and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. And honestly, that’s where all the interesting updates are. These phones feature an always-on display to help catch up to Android counterparts (the Galaxy phones have had them for years).

More interestingly is the fact that the Pro versions are going to boast a 48-megapixel rear camera. This provides room for an even bigger sensor than before resulting in enhanced photo quality.

And finally, Apple has announced that it will include the A16 processing chip in the new iPhone 14 phones. This is really where Apply supply chain issues come into play as the manufacturing of the A16 Bionic processing chip takes quite a lot of manpower.

While the regular version of the iPhone 14 doesn’t appear to include this chip and will still use the A15 Bionic processing chip, it’s the Pro versions that are causing quite a stir. They’re also expected to help increase profits as they justify the price hike.

Who Manufactures Apple Bionic Processing Chips?

The Bionic processing chip from Apple is currently manufactured by TSMC, otherwise known as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. 

This company plays a major role in the Apple supply chain. TSMC also produces processing chips for global companies such as Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. You can see why Apple might need to expand its pool of manufacturers.

With TSMC catering to so many international clients, do they have the ability to meet Apple supply chain demands with the launch of the iPhone 14? 

The company's cutting-edge facilities and experienced workforce will no doubt help to ensure that the A16 Bionic chip lives up to its hype. Apple has had to start looking for other partners to help offset manufacturing times in other areas. This includes the production of their circuit boards, screen displays, and other important components.

iPhone 14 Supply Chain Solutions

iphone 14 supply chain

Namely, it appears that Apple is trying to ensure that other iPhone 14 parts are made quickly and efficiently so as to not slow down the supply chain ahead of the launch.

This is due to the fact that Apple suppliers have already started to have to ship iPhone 14 parts. Obviously, with multiple suppliers around the world creating numerous tiny parts, this is a massive team effort. 

Here’s what Apple’s doing about it to ensure all of the iPhone components come in on time to put the phones together and ship them to customers

Increasing Bonuses to Attract Assembly Workers

Foxconn is Apple’s Chief Assembly partner. They manufacture a number of different parts for the large tech company. However, the factory in China shut down in March 2022 due to COVID cases and concerns.

While this doesn’t appear to have pushed back iPhone 14 production timelines, the company is offering incentives to get more workers in their factory to be able to meet deadlines. The goal for 2022 is to ship more than 80 million total units. 

The bonus offering isn’t really new as the company offers this bonus to attract assembly workers each time there is a big Apple release. This year, workers who start working and stay for more than four months will receive $1,345.

This is less than the $1,521 that was offered in August 2021 ahead of the iPhone 13 release. So, this gives us hope that they aren’t hurting for workers and are right on track to deliver everything as promised.

Adding More Supply Partners

In addition to working hard to attract assembly parts workers, it looks like Apple is adding more supply chain partners. This includes their most recent addition to the roster of suppliers SG Miro. SG Miro is a Chinese company that's recently passed the quality certification needed to manufacture parts for Apple.

While Apple hasn't previously worked with SG Miro, the Chinese company specializes in manufacturing integrated circuits. This is a new venture for SG Miro. The fact that they passed the quality certification means that they have reached the "tier-1 level" required to produce these parts for a company like Apple.

So, consumers and Apple experts alike are hopeful that this will help with any potential supply-related issues in terms of one of the most important aspects of the iPhone 14: the circuit board.

Other supply-related issues might occur in terms of the display screens. Rumors have circulated that there have been slight issues with Apple's supply partners for the OLED screens. However, those rumors haven't been 100% confirmed.

Increased Demand for iPhone 14 Supply

Increased Demand for iPhone 14 Supply

With the iPhone 14 release, there will be the standard four models available. These include:

  • • iPhone 14
  • • iPhone 14 Plus
  • • iPhone 14 Pro
  • • iPhone 14 Pro Max

If you've been reading along then you’ll note that a Mini version is missing from the iPhone 14 release. This might have something to do with the fact that millions more people are interested in the iPhone 14 at the moment. There have been tens of millions of requests for the new iPhone 14.

This is likely the reason behind the increase in efforts to optimize the Apply supply chain months before the first shipments go out.

How to Prepare for the iPhone 14 Launch

If you have an iPhone 13 then should you rush out to get an iPhone 14 as soon as it’s released? Honestly, if you have the money to upgrade to a Pro or Pro Max it might be worth it. The jump from iPhone 13 to iPhone 13 really isn’t that big in this case.

We will say that you should be prepared to take a look at iOS 16. There are rumors that with the release of the iPhone 14 there will be new updates to iOS as well. This was announced in June of 2022.

Development for iOS 16 ended ahead of the launch of the iPhone 14 which means that it could come in tandem with the new phone. Some features of iOS to prepare for include the ability to:

  • • Edit and unsend messages (yes, like WhatsApp and other top messaging platforms; this one has been a long time coming)
  • • Customize your lock screen
  • • Get notifications from the bottom of your screen instead of the top
  • • View Live Activities in your widgets to receive updates on real-time events
  • • View battery percentage again

While these updates could change before the final release, it’s worth looking into updating your phone once they become available to ensure you’re getting the most out of your iPhone.

Protect Your iPhone

iphone 14 phone case

Due to Apple supply chain issues surrounding the iPhone 14 launch, we suggest having a little patience if you order one straight away. In the meantime, make sure you’re prepared to protect your investment.

Whether you're interested in something trendy and cute or armor-like protection for your phone and its screen, investing in an iPhone 14 case is the best way to keep your new phone in pristine condition for a long time to come.

Browse through our iPhone cases and order a protective case for your phone so that you can keep it safe once it arrives.

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