Introducing the Samsung S23: Potential Cost, Rumors, and More

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra selling eleven million devices by mid-2022, it is no surprise Samsung wants to repeat this success with the Samsung S23.

This new phone has not yet seen the light of day, but the community already knows quite a lot about it. So, what information already exists, dragged out of the shadows to enlighten you with, regarding S23 Samsung phones that will be launched on February 1st ?

Make a more informed decision about if you need to upgrade soon with the following information below.

What Is the Rumored Samsung S23 Release Date?

Samsung S23 rumors

Based on the previous several years of Samsung Galaxy releases, the devices have arrived early in the year. As of the past three years, they have been:

  • • Samsung Galaxy S20: February 2020
  • • Samsung Galaxy S21: January 2021
  • • Samsung Galaxy S22: February 2022

There has been a recent leak suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be released on February 1st. 

When the devices have seen release, they have not only included their standard offering. At launch, you can also expect to see the S, Plus, and Ultra SKUs at the same time if they follow the pattern laid out over previous launches.

So, get prepared to invest in this new piece of technology next month.

What Are the Rumored Samsung S23 Phone Specs?

It is understood many people are excited to find out more about how the S23 will improve upon its predecessors. The following information lays out some of the details of the device. These include technology specs, camera information, and how long the battery should last.

Smartphone Specs 

While the Galaxy S22 only had an internal clock speed of 2.8GHz, the S23 is rumored to run even faster. Speculation from those who are leaking information suggests the device has a new chip built by a new manufacturer, reaching speeds of up to 3.36GHz.

At the same time, the S, Plus, and Ultra will each have 8GB of internal RAM. This matches previous generations. As such it suggests Samsung does not believe there is enough call for an upgrade on internal memory at present.

In the past, Samsung has worked with Qualcomm to provide their U.S.-based chipsets. The latest rumors state this is set to continue, and that Samsung has reached new deals regarding their latest offerings.

These rumors have even seen confirmation from Qualcomm's CEO. He has confirmed Snapdragon will see use in the future of Samsung's products until 2030.

As for the device's internal long-term storage, there are no major surprises there. You can expect to see both a 128GB and a 256GB device, allowing for a plethora of photos and videos to appear on your phone, as well as other files.

When it comes to methods of communication, there are some more interesting threads we can pull at. Some venues have reported these smartphone makers are now working with satellite operators. This will allow for the use of their communications satellites in specific circumstances.

Satellite data will limit the user to only text and image communication, and for emergency calls only. Still, it will be a major leap forward in technology. The idea of still having a connection when one has no regular phone signal is a dream many hope for as we move forward with the cell phones of the future.

Battery Details

When it comes to the battery of the S23 devices, there are differences in the rumors when it comes to the different iterations of the smartphone.

In the regular S23, you can expect a small increase in battery life. The S22 had a 3,700mAh battery, whereas it is looking like the S23 will increase its offering to 3,900mAh.

This means this change is an iterative upgrade, rather than a huge difference. It is likely this change is to up the capacity to power the new chipset for an equal amount of time as the S22's battery.

With the S23 Ultra, rumors suggest it will continue to use the same battery as Samsung has offered in its prior offerings. This would be a battery with a 5,000mAh capacity, which will last a large amount of time for most users.

The S23+ has similar whisperings about its battery. Sources suggest it will go up from 4,500mAh in the S22+ to 4,700mAh in the S23+. 

No matter which device you pick, though, you can expect wired and wireless charging to be about as powerful as ever. The S23 range's wired charging seems to be remaining at 25W, whereas its wireless charging offering is also staying at 15W. This is not any increase or decrease from the S22.

While the battery capacity of the device is not increasing significantly, other changes make up for it. Besides other battery power modes, the S23 is now rumored to be adding a "Light" power mode. This will reduce the amount of battery power the device pulls, albeit at a detriment to its performance.

This can be great when you are in an area you are unlikely to need to use the phone, or cannot charge it for a long time.

Smartphone Display 

samsung s23 phone case iblason

There are no major upgrades from the S22's offerings when it comes to the smartphone's displays. As such, you can expect the following sizes for the devices:

  • S23: 6.1"
  • S23+: 6.6"
  • S Ultra: 6.8"

The best thing about this consistent form is you can continue to use many of the same accessories as before. Although, due to other changes listed below you might need to investigate a new case for the device, despite the same size.

Rumors we are seeing suggest the phones' resolutions are all going to continue along the same lines. These will be:

  • • S23: 2340 x 1080
  • • S23+: 2340 x 1080
  • • S Ultra: 3088 x 1440

While some rumors have suggested the S23 ultra will now have a brighter display, there are few confirmations of this.

Camera Stats

The cameras are one of the most obvious places where the S23 moves ahead of the S22. Rumors abound of the S23 Ultra sporting one of the most powerful smartphone cameras on the market. This would be a 200Mp sensor for very detailed shooting.

While Samsung has already shown off the HP1, HP3, and HPX 200Mp sensors, these have not yet appeared in Samsung handsets. This has lent credence to the speculation of them being an S23 feature. Especially as they do exist in other mobile devices.

These sensors make use of a new technology called Chameleon Cell. This increases the amount of light the device takes in while in indoor environments. Thus, you can continue to use it in low-light locations or the evening without losing as much quality.

Despite this leap in technology, the camera's other features will almost all remain the same as in previous versions. The hardware itself features a 3x and 10x zoom, as well as a digital zoom to go further still.

There are no strong rumors about the front-facing camera. This means you can expect this to be identical in hardware, though the software may have an update.

Even after these changes to photo potential, there is one place that might see a larger difference - video.

Some rumor mongers believe the S23 will increase the ability of the camera to take higher-framerate videos. This would bump up the device to take 30fps clips, matching many other manufacturers' offerings.

How Much Is the Samsung S23 Rumored to Cost?

Over the past few years, the RRP of the Samsung Galaxy has lowered by around $200 for each different model. 

  • • S20: $999
  • • S21: $799
  • • S22: $799

The Plus has also followed suit:

  • • S20 Plus: $1,199
  • • S21 Plus: $999
  • • S22 Plus: $999

Then the Ultra:

  • • S20 Ultra: $1,399
  • • S21 Ultra: $1,299
  • • S22 Ultra: $1,199

It is unlikely these prices will go down more. Still, we have seen very little speculation either way. Without as much of an overhaul of technology inside the device, we should not expect too much of a price rise.

Other Samsung S23 Details

samsung s23 phone case iblason

There are a few other aspects of the S23's upcoming launch that have been circling in the rumor mill. They include the following:

New Phone Design

Samsung has maintained a similar shape for most of its phones over time. Though, in recent years its Ultra and Plus models have drifted from the standard. With the S23 it seems we may be seeing this reverse, and the devices will start to look more identical to one another.

In general, though, the phone looks very close to the S22. From promotional images of the phone cases, though, we can see a few details of the device's form.

The main interesting point is the cameras on the device will each have separate spaces for them, rather than relying on one camera area. Thus, the cases will have separate camera spaces cut into them.

New Colors

Samsung has not officially released its full list of colors, though we can make educated guesses. They tend to try to match their colors to those of the accessories they sell with the device. The current list of styluses some shops have received information for includes the following:

  • • Beige
  • • Black
  • • Green
  • • Rose

So, it is likely any Samsung S23 devices will match these.

Where to Go For More Samsung S23 Rumors

samsung s23 phone case iblason

With the above information, you likely want to grab a Samsung S23 for yourself when it's released. If this is the case, you probably want to know more about them and what they can do. For that, you will want to visit our blog and check our articles for the latest news.

You also want to ensure your S23 will be protected when you use it. So, when they become available, remember to visit our store to pick up Samsung S23 cases to protect your new investment.

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